The HeartBreaker

Young, Hot, Popular, School Jock Zayn Malik falls in love with geeky, smart girl Jordin Myers. Zayn is known for being the school heartbreaker, but does he really break innocent hearts or is it all fake. His friends thinks she is a reject and have been bullying her behind Zayn's back. Jordin and Zayn become closer and closer with each day passing, while Jordin tries to push Zayn away he is willing to break down her walls. Zayn soon realises his friends are bulling her, this puts his true love to the test and makes him think, what are true friends?


1. Who I wish I still was

Zayn's POV-

I duck through the doors of the dance studio, my hair messy and my glasses sitting on my nose. I'm not in my uniform yet, I was late. My sisters made me help get them prepared for dance class. They go to a different one from me so I have to drop them off each morning and see them off. It was the beginning of summer and I was free to be the real me. I had to do dancing for some reason which my parents will never explain why. During the summer holidays I always die my hair back to it's normal colour and I don't style it. I just wake up and go, well not before I pop on my glasses. Yeah, I wear glasses but when I go to school I have to wear contacts. I really like one girl in our grade, I would ask her out but I don't know. She's one of those girls you see around, but this one's different. She wears glasses and has the most adorable smile, she is fantastic with people and her laugh makes my throat tighten. Whenever she's near me my stomach is in knots and I can't shake the feeling away. I've had a crush on her since grade 6, and I'm finally starting 12th grade after summer break. I remember when we used to be best friends in primary school, I went by a different name back then. I don't even think she remembers who I used to be...
Who I wish I still was

Zayn right now, heading into the Dancing studio!!!


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