A Small Tail Secret

Seven girls go on a terrific adventure together until something happens. What will happen to the girl after they go for a swim and find themselves in a moon pool? Will everything in their life change? Will their crushes ask them out? Will anyone find out their secret? Will the girls be in trouble? Do you know the answers? Read to find out what happens. (Similar to the show H2O and I made changes so please don't hate this.)


1. The Secret

The Secret


On a Friday night of a full moon seven best friends that were like sisters were walking around the beach at LBI. Their names were Gentiana, Tahlia, Christina, Olivia, Erika, Jyothi and Julianna. Gentiana is a sweet, kind, generous, and fun girl. Tahlia is a kind, funny, strange, and sweet girl. Christina is a kind, strange, and funny girl. Olivia is a kind, sweet, and the funniest girl in the group. Erika is a sweet and kind girl. Jyothi is a strange and kind girl with a big heart. Julianna is a kind, sweet, strange, and funny girl. The girls decided to go swimming as soon as they got to their beach bags. Three seconds later they appeared in a moon pool. They didn’t know what to do. An hour later they found a way out. When they got back to shore everyone grabbed their towels dried off, grabbed their bags, and started walking to Julianna’s beach house. There was pizza on the counter so everyone grabbed a slice. Julianna grabbed water for everyone. They all took a sip at the same time. Ten seconds later they had a tail. There was also a color streak in everyone’s hair. Gentiana had a green tail and green streak. Tahlia had a purple tail and purple streak. Christina had a turquoise tail and turquoise streak. Olivia had an orange tail and orange streak. Erika had a pink tail and pink streak. Jyothi had a blue tail and blue streak. Julianna had a rainbow tail and a rainbow streak. The girls are lucky no one is home. They found some towels in a cabinet to dry their tails and ran into Julianna’s room.

“What just happened?” Olivia screamed.

“I don’t know,” Gentiana replied.

“I hope we were dreaming!” Julianna exclaimed.

After that they all decided to do their homework. A few hours later they finished their homework. The girls went to the kitchen to have a quick snack. Without thinking the girls washed their hands. Ten seconds later they popped a tail. They were upset that they weren’t dreaming about the tails. All the girls were jealous that Julianna had a rainbow tail. Out of nowhere a note appeared. Olivia read the note and read it to everyone. “The one with the rainbow tail has the most power, confidence, and trust,” Olivia read.

“What does that mean?” Christina asked.

“I don’t know,” Olivia answered.

Two minutes later the doorbell rang and the note disappeared. They grabbed one of the towels that were in the corner from when they dried their tails the first time to dry up their tails now. When their tails were dry they ran to the door to answer it. It was their friends Isabella, Jennifer, Sarah, and Anna.

“Hi!” Gentiana screamed.

“Hey,” Anna replied.

“So… what’s up?” Tahlia asked.

“We just wanted to know if you want come for a swim at the beach with us,” Sarah replied.

“We can’t,” Jyothi stated, “We are too busy.”

“Okay bye,” Isabella stated.

As soon as they left Julianna closed the door.

“That was close,” Jyothi stated.

After all of that the girls went into Julianna’s room. They started reading books, magazines, and searching about mermaids. Ten minutes later Tahlia found an article on the internet. The article mentioned that a mermaid will get a power a day or two after they get their tail. Also that on every full moon something strange will happen.

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