Not like the others

Beth is your normal girl who's not really that important to anyone,her mum hates her,her dad got sent to jail for abuse and the only person who cared about her is her big brother and he's dead.
Luke brooks,one of the Janoskians, brother of jai and beau brooks, he goes to school lives his life and always known as THE Luke brooks.
Beth and Luke don't really get on that much,Beth gets bulled at home and also at school,Luke is one of those bullies,until he sees what it's really doing to Beth.
Will he rescue her?


1. Like every other day!

Hey I'm Beth I'm 17 and I go to school like every other kid. I have purple hair with pink dip die.  We'll I don't really know what to say about me because we'll,there's nothing to say. My life is a mess,my mum hates me because she thinks that the reason that my dad is in jail is because of me,I guess you already know that my fathers in jail and my brother we'll,we'll he's dead,it hurts every time I say that. He's the only one who really cared about me when my dad what bulling me and my mum just stood there and watched. I go to school and get treated like shit,so I guess it's a loose loose for me. Anyway enough about my pointless life,I need to get ready for school,yey! *note sarcasm*

i step in the shower and wash my body and clean my hair. I step out and dry my self of,I put my towel around me and go back in to my bedroom. I Look through my outfits and pick out some blue skinny jeans,a leopard print top and a huddie. My shoes are purple supras,just like justin Bieber's,I love him!. 

I go down stairs to find my mum passed out on the couch,again. I make my self some toast,I pick my bag up of the floor where I left it after we'll where my mum hit me,and walk out the door taking a bite out of my toast. 

*skiping the walk to school,I'm lazy:)* 

okay,I can do this. I tell my self as I walk to the school doors. I open the school doors and walk to my locker,right I just open my locker get my books and walk to class with my head Down easy! I hope.  I open my locker for it to be slammed right back shut. 

Here we go. 

"Oi slut!" 

I just keep my face to my locker and my eyes shut. 

"I said,OI SLUT!" 

Just don't move ,don't move and it will be fine. I tell my self even though it will never be fine! 

I turn my head to face his and if your wondering who it is,it's Jamie the head of all these bullies,he's with his 'gang' If you want to call it that,his girlfriend Jess,the biggest slut of all time,it's kinda funny how he calls me a slut but he can't open is fat eyes to see who's the real slut ,his best mate,Tyler,his other best mate,Harry and there to slut girl friends and Luke, Luke brooks yeah you Hurd me right,THE Luke brooks from the janoskians. He's really cute but I can't really tell him that can i. I bet your all think,hold up,Luke so sweat so nice and kind he wouldn't hurt a fly,we'll your right,he is all those things when he's in the right mood or when he isn't with his d*ck head 'friends'.  

Im face to face with Jamie and Jess,Jess whispers something in his ear that makes him laugh,which I'm guessing it's something dirty or she's telling him to do something to me. 

About 5 seconds later he looks at me,smirks and punches me in the mouth,I hit the floor with a bang and lay there Doing nothing. I can't defend my self,I don't know how and I'm no match for him!  His friends laugh at the sight of my bloody mouth. Jamie high fives everyone and turns back to me, "Tyler,you know what to do" and with that Tyler walks up to me and stands on my legs,ow!! I steps of and walks back to his gang,they all laugh. If your wondering what Luke's doing,his laughing,he thinks it's funny. They all stop laughing and Luke looks at me for a few seconds with a look Iv never seen before it's the look of sorrow,why would he feel sorry for me? 

"Shit teachers coming! Go!!" Jess screams and everyone runs of,apart from Luke he's still looking at me,he then notices that the rest of them are gone so he runs after them. 

The teacher comes up to me looks at me and walks away,like usual. You see teaches do not care anymore,they tell them of and it never works so they stop,I don't blame them if I was  to tell them to leave me alone they wouldn't stop they would make it 10x worse! I just get up the best I can't and just sit there for a few minutes and think,think why is it me who always gets this,think why does god hate me and think,why did Luke have sorrow in his eyes when he looked at me why did he not run of when the rest did. I get up and limp to the toilets,I look in the mirror and clean my self up. I go and sit in the bathroom and close my eyes,I don't care that I'm going to miss class,I do it most of the time,I don't want to be humiliated even more. I sit there and think until I here the bell for lunch,I'm starving! I walk out of the loo,my leg feels better now,I walk down the corridor to the canteen,I walk through the doors and everyone stops what there doing and looks at me,everyone but Luke, it's gone all quite,I walk to the food court and get a salad and then walk to the only table left at the back on my own. I have no friends,never have. 



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