I always loved Jason. And it was a mistake to do that to him. Now I see the light and it's all because of my selfishness. This is the end for me...


2. welcome to Manchester

I stepped of the bus happily. I heard cars at first but when I listened, I could hear people laughing and distant music playing from nearby clubs and bars. It was a Saturday night and Manchester seemed so lively.

I picked up my heavy bag and flung it around my back. I strolled down the road slowly, looking at all the magical lights and skyscrapers that climbed into the high misty cloud. Through shop windows I saw beautiful long dresses, if only I had the money I thought.

I was 24. I've never had a job, unless you'd call washing you neighbours car for £10 one. I never paid attention in school. Big mistake. As a result I now have no money and no home. I've lived of Jason my whole life and I basically had no family.

When I was about 12 my mother had a serious depression and alcohol problem and after a year of struggle when I was 13 she decided to take her own life. I remember finding out the news; one night when she didn't come home and I went to school as normal the next day but during my last lesson my teacher took me to the side. His face serious and sad. I knew it wasn't good. "Your mother. Kate. She was found on the floor in the nearby Forrest. Make your way to the head teachers office right away. I'm very sorry."

My dad had never been around so I got moved to live with my grandpa but I wasn't close to him at all. Shortly after my 18th birthday he passes away and that's when I met Jason.

I had long blond hair with deep blue eyes; I guess I took after my mum. I wore a thick, dark jumper with ripped dirty jeans and a big water proof coat, though it was still bitterly cold.

I smiled excitedly. It was the first time I've smiled in months. Little did I know it would be my last. It was a fresh start here, away from Jason and all the bad memories...

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