I always loved Jason. And it was a mistake to do that to him. Now I see the light and it's all because of my selfishness. This is the end for me...


5. Bad man Blake

"Gimme yo bag!" Shouted a broad bald man in his twenties with a husky voice. "Let go!"

But I didn't let go. I was scared and confused. I pulled my old bag right out of the mans giant hands and fell to the cold damp floor. Bump. Struggling, I pulled myself up. I opened my mouth to shout for help but no voice came out. The man and his little gang laughed. One shouted "go get her Blake!"

That's when I ran. I could hear people saying "is she okay?" "Should we help her?" They stopped and watched but no one really cared. I ran as fast as lightning but it wasn't good enough as I could hear his breathing, feel it even, I ran for what seemed like a lifetime, until I reached a dead end. I looked around for a way out or someone to help or any chance to get away from these insane men. But there was nothing.

He punched his palm angrily, panting.

"Kyle! Get her bag!"

And with that a tall lean man snatched my bag with strength. I was so scared. Desperate. Isolated.

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