Now I finally understand why words are only 7% of all communication. A sideline confession in my attempt to become fluent in body language.


1. Listening


As if there could be a sweeter melody
Than your accidental composition.
Your soft wheeze as your lungs
Exhale and breathe.
Eyes engraving the landscape
Onto your mind as your eyelashes
Flutter in the hazy light.
Clinking, your wrists speak as
Your hands are idle and hungry.
The childish giggles and incontrollable laughter
Fill the air as they dissolve into my dreams.
All collaborating as one to the
High frequency heart conductor.
My favourite of all, 
Pulsing blood to your rosy cheeks
That show me you’re safe.
I would be silent for the rest of my life
If it meant I could spent it
Listening to your symphony.


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