The first love

Love from the start to the end.


1. Love at first sight

Blond, tall and fit...

The first thing was his smile. His Amazing smile. His voice says hello in a way I've never heard before. Hello With calmness, tenderness and kind effect. I already knew from the first moment... I'm in love.

He was that kind of person that knew What to say at the Right times . He was romantic.

Me and him shared a lot. All those secrets we never in a million years could've told any other. Even though I didn't share as much as he did, he still trusted me. I don't Know why. But he did.

He was my first love. Everyone can remember how it was to fall in love for the first time. I still love him. Even when we are not talking. Cause thats how it is now. We dont talk or see eachother anymore. It's sad how the person you could stand next to and see the future With, becomes the person only to be found in the past.

I don't blame him for anything. I fell in love at first sight. Of course I wasn't any good first impression. I'm just not that kind. Come to think of it.. For him I was a friend. And for me he was the love of my life.

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