Danny and Owen. Two young lovers. Banned from seeing each other by disapproving parents. They do everything they can to stay together. But their parents are onto them.


11. Parents-Danny

I wake up to a knock on the door. Owen is already up and out of bed. I look around me. All our stuff is packed and ready except for an outfit laid at the end of the bed. Owen is already dressed. He opens the door and I stare in horror. There in the door way stands my mum. Tears stream down her face. She rushes towards me crushing me in a hug. Owens parents embrace him gently but he squeezes them as if he'll never let go. 

I know it's his fault. The fact that everything was packed and he was already dressed when I woke has given everything away. When I look at him I can see guilt smeared all over his face. 

"Come on Danny. Get dressed. It's time to go home." Mum says it gently. She gets up and tries to pull me to my feet but I don't move.

"No" I say. I fold my arms and sit there staring into my mum's tearful eyes. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

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