Danny and Owen. Two young lovers. Banned from seeing each other by disapproving parents. They do everything they can to stay together. But their parents are onto them.


1. Birthday-Danny

"Hey trouble" Owen embraces me from behind resting his head on my shoulder. I smile and turn to kiss him feeling warm even though icy wind is blowing through my jumper. 

"Hey you" I lean back, my fingers linked behind his neck. "You're late"

We stand in the park where children play on swing sets and parents boast noisily about their kids. The ground is littered with leaves of every colour being swept into piles by an old man.

"I know. Mum was having a go at me for breaking a plate and I had to try and glue it back together. It looks worse now than when it was broken." Owen gives me his cheeky grin as he unhooks my hands from around his and leads me down the path. He reaches into his bag with his one free hand and delicately brings out a small parcel. "Happy birthday trouble" his voice is gentle as he passes over the gift. 

"Thanks" I take it from him and release his hand to open it when he says,

"You have to guess first"

"No I don't"

"Yeah you do. It takes the fun out of it if you don't!"

I look at him and shake my head smiling "Fine. Is it... a dog?" I cradle the tiny parcel in my hand and return his cheeky grin. 

"Nope. C'mon you have to do better than that!"

"Alright. Is it the tiniest book ever made written by the tooth fairy?" I can't help laughing.

"No but that's better. You have to be imaginative."

"Is it a acceptance letter to Hogwarts?"


"Well I give up" I say and carefully begin to ease off the wrapping paper careful not to rip it. Underneath is a small green box slightly dented. I open it gently and find a necklace. Its silver chain is delicate and on it is a small heart shaped locket the size of my thumb nail.

"It's beautiful" I breathe and carefully lift it out of the box as if one bump would shatter it. 

"Here." Owen takes the necklace from me and puts it round my neck. I kiss his check and take his hand. "Thank you."

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