Cassidy Jonsen, moves from the little Sweden to the big America, California. Everything is new for her. The language, the boys, the personalities, everything.


1. Fresh Start

Cassidy's POV

I walked into our new home. I gasped as i turned to look around. Its huge, and beautiful! I walked into the kitchen. I swear, my eyes are going to pop out of their pockets soon. I heard footsteps behind me. 

"Are we rich or something?" I asked mom. She laughed and shrugged. I nodded quickly. "We must be. Not everyone can buy a mansion." I said and chuckled, still amazed. Dad walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around moms waist from behind. 

"I love this place." I said, before i walked into the living room. It was almost on the back of the house, but it was close to the kitchen. I gasped once again. I ran up to one of the couches and sat down. Soft. Even better. I stood up and walked back into the kitchen. 

"Where's my room mom?" I asked her. She smiled and grabbed my arm, she walked through a little hall before reaching the stairs. She stopped and turned so she faced me. 

"Walk up the stairs, then go right. Its the last door on the left." She said before kissing my cheek. I was about to say something when she walked away quickly. I slowly started walking up the stairs but when i saw the huge hall, and the doors i sprinted down to the last door. I smiled big before i slowly twisted the doorknob. I walked into my room.

I let out a loud squeal before i jumped up on my bed, jumping on it happily. I saw 2 other doors in my room. I jumped off my bed before i ran up to one of them. I opened it and it relieved a huge bathroom. I smiled big before i turned back around and opened the other door. 

I looked into the room before screaming. I did a little happy dance before walking in. A fucking walk in closet!? God. I love you mom and dad. 

I walked back out into my room, but when i got back i saw a box standing on the bed. It wasnt there before, right? I slowly walked up to it. I sat down on the bed and pulled the box closer to me. Should i open it? I closed my eyes before slowly opening it. I slowly opened one, eye. When i saw what it was i immediately picked it up and cuddled with it. A puppy. Omfg. It started licking my face in happiness. 

I looked back into the box and saw a leash. I placed my adorable puppy on the floor before i put on the leash. I started walking downstairs with the puppy. When i reached the first floor i ran to mom and dad, puppy running after me as fast as he possibly could. 

Mom and dad sat in the kitchen, talking. They looked on me. "Can i help you?" Mom asked me and chuckled. I looked down on the dog a few seconds before looking back up at them. 

"You bought me a dog?" I asked her, shocked. She looked at dad before nodding. I looked down on the ground before i dropped the leash and attacked mom with a hug. "Omg i love you!" I said to her. 

Mom laughed and hugged me back. I gave dad a quick hug too before i took my puppy back up to my room. I placed it on my bed, laying down with it. I placed the box on the floor, beside the bed. 

"I'm gonna name you..." I said and tried to come up with a good name for him. "Chance?" I said, more like a question. He licked my hand that laid next to him. "Cody?" I said. "Dustin?" I asked him. He barked. 

"What's up, Dustin?" I said and smiled before i kissed his head. I heard my mom shout my name from downstairs. I picked Dustin up before i walked downstairs. 

"What?" I asked her. 

"I thought that we should introduce you to the boy who is going to perform for your birthday party." Mom said. I nodded, started feeling nervous. She opened the front door, reviling JAKE FUCKING AMAZING MILLER. 

"Omg." I whispered as i started at Jake. Jake smiled big before walking inside. Mom closed the door after him. 

"So your mom asked me to sing on your birthday party." Jake said. I nodded, placing Dustin on the floor. "How many is coming?" He asked me. I shrugged. "I know you got here today, so if you want i can invite some cool celebrities." He said with a nice smile. I nodded with a huge smile. 

"That would be awesome!" I said and hugged him. He hugged me back tightly. Ugh, his hugs are perffff. I slowly pulled away. 

"What songs do you want me to perform?" He asked me. I shrugged. "I can do all the songs on my new album, plus some other old songs." He said with a smile. I nodded, smiling at him. 

"That would be great. I cant wait." I said and chuckled. "Do you want something to drink? Water? Soda?" I asked him. 

"Soda, if thats alright." He said. I nodded and walked into the kitchen, him following me. I opened the fridge and took out 2 cokes. "Do you drink coke?" I asked him, unsure. He nodded and chuckled. I closed the fridge and gave him his coke.

He looked around. "Wow, this is a cool house." He said and nodded before opening his coke, taking a sip. I laughed and sat down on one of the bar chairs. He sat down next to me. 

"Thanks. I cant believe we just moved here. I mean, my last house was small and boring compared to this." I said and laughed a little. He nodded, understanding. "Sweden is so boring." I said and took a sip of my coke. He laughed. 

"Well i dont know anything about that." He said. I laughed. A silence fell between us. "When are you having the party then?" He asked me. 

"I think it is like, next week on Friday." I said, and chuckled. We sat and talked a little more, learning to get to know each other. 




What do u think? Short chapter because i had to go :/


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