Everyone called her Meadow. A fake name? Yes.

This story is about a girl named Meadow and the strange events in her life that happen when she's 27. It also contains some action and mystery and murder and betrayal and of course romance
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2. The Begginning





When the King entered the room he immediately took me to a large gold table in the middle of the grand room turned a chair so it faced outwards and placed me in it. He proceeded to shoo the group of elderly men that had followed him into the room. After that he pulled up a chair and sat right in front of me.

"What is your name child?" he asked sternly yet softly I answered " You may call me Meadow" I said

"But that is not your real name is it?" he asked

"No sire its not but its what you may call me"

"Will you tell me your real name?"

"No sire I will not. but I am very curious to learn yours"

"I am Aiden" he said

"It is nice to meet you King Aiden" I said with a little bow of my head this for some reason earned a laugh from the man. I scanned his attire the robe that reached his knees and his trousers were silky and a light blue and was outlined in gold except for his boots that had the opposite. they were gold and had a light blue outline. I can remember wondering if this was stylish or tacky I didn't know. but it did make me flinch when his shirt hit the light just right it would blind me.

"Please just Aiden" he said I didn't argue the way he said it I was pretty sure he knew what he wanted.

"So your from Zorda?

"Yes" I answered slowly shouldn't he already know this

" And how old are you deary?"

"I am 15" I said. After that a woman walked in and Aiden stood from his chair. He walked over to her and whispered something in her ear and I could tell she was a maid with the way he hair was braided behind her head and the apron that covered her dress which was simple. Her dress is simple as she. I thought. was it mean? I don't know. but it was the truth. After they were done he motioned for me to come meet her and so I stood and made my way to them. When I got there he moved behind me and rested both of his hands on my shoulders. This action reminded me of a father very much.

When the lady took me from Aiden she showed me around the castle which was both informative and boring. those two things usually go hand in hand. she introduced herself as Sarah. she was the head maid and hand servant to the Queen. When she finally made her way to the maid housing and showed me to my room I was of course in shock 

"Why am I living here?"

"Because your going to be a maid that's why "she answered. Snarky. I didn't argue I wasn't considered high class like I was back home.

"your very strange looking" she blurted out. Rude. But still it didn't surprise me when she was showing me around I received many strange looks and I realized compared to them I sure I look strange.

I had deep red hair that very unnatural I also had one silver eye and one gold. My ears also had a slight point to them.

"Well you look very strange to me" I said back to her because they did. but this only got a scoff sort of noise out of her. after that she showed me around my room I got my own although it was small. And then she had me change into the maid outfit. It was gray and was corseted down the back. but it did have one stand outish feature. It only had one strap which was made completely of what looked like ruffled flowers. When I asked about it she said

"We must look our best so that if anyone does pay attention to what we are wearing they are pleased. but it is gray so that we do not stand out" Her dress was strapless and long something I considered plain until I knew the dress code now I find astonishing. 

after I was dressed she showed me how to clean certain rooms and how not to. She also explained some of the punishments for doing something wrong or offending any royal or royal guests. I paid attention to this noting the most important details so it wasn't surprising when with in a couple of weeks I knew exactly what I was doing. in the months that came and in the years that would. I would make only one friend and his name is Talos. He is hand servants to both of the young princes. We met when we were both on break I accidently ran into him and after that he followed me to the grand library where I gave myself lessons when ever I had a break. I loved learning but that day I didn't get much done.

"Why are you here on your break" he asked with a bit of disgust

"I like learning" I said sitting with a book and started taking mental notes. maids weren't good enough for paper I guess

"I dare say your the only person in the world whose ever used the place"

"Why are you here?" I asked annoyed

"you interest me"

  After that he proceeded to ask me all kinds of things about myself which I had no problem answering. then we began to talk about our hate of our work. and we became best friends ever since spending most of our free time together he was my best friend and I his. And eventually we became closer than that we became family to one another .

When I fell asleep the night I met Talos I knew life would never be boring or unhappy and I was right.

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