My love story

This is my real life love story.


3. Part 2 (Year 4 p.1)

This is the first day of year 4, everything was normal everything went the way it should be. Day by day, I fell more and more in love with him. I tried my best in class so he didn't think I was stupid. But sadly, when Christmas was around the corner he and Jie ying also got closer to each other. I can never bear seeing them together because jealousy happens to me. On the outside I put on a fake smile but on the inside I wanted to scream and cry. We live in the south of Vietnam so we didn't get to see snow on Christmas. We had so much fun being the secret Santa and giving each other presents.

On Christmas holiday, my family took me to Dalat. It was super fun; there was 1 amazing surprise that happen during my time of staying there. On the day that we went to the valley of love, I met Duy. I was buying drinks with my cousin when there was a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was my sister trying to annoy me but when I turned around I was shocked. He was standing there smiling at me and I didn't know what to do. So I awkwardly wave and smile. He told me he was also gone here with his family so we played with each other on some of the ride but I left soon after. We didn't get to say goodbye but it was still a great memory. After the Christmas holiday, school started and I get to see him again. We told everyone in class that we met each other and Jie ying was mad at me. I didn't know why and she also didn't talk to me for the whole entire day. Vy told me that it was because Jie ying was jealous that I get to meet duy but I didn't see any point of that since she and Duy is closer than me and him. I should be the one who is jealous of her but I didn't say anything. Somehow, after the holiday Duy talked to me more than usual and he didn't talk to Jie Ying much anymore. Whenever he talks to our popular gang he always seem to talk to me. This made Jie Ying hate me more but I didn't seem to care. Trip week started but this year I didn't get to go. My parents thought I wasn't old and responsible enough. I cried so much but they never seem to care. It hurt me a lot because everyone in class gets to go yet I can't. When the trip ended and everyone returned. They brag about how fun it was and how I miss all of it. I was extremely mad and I didn't want to argue with them. There was a school production that happened after that week and I went to watch since my sister was in it. Happily, I met Duy there but at the same time I met Jie Ying. We 3 sat together and talked about a lot of things. Something weird happened on that day, Duy wanted to sit closer to me and not Jie Ying. It was pretty weird at first but I didn't want him to move. So on the next day, Duy started to act really weird and I don't know why. His best friend Lenny kept on looking at me in class and I didn't like it. At lunch time, Lenny told me what happened. He said that Duy knew me and Jie ying both like Duy so the boys are making a competition to see who know Duy better. We played for 3 days and Jie Ying always gets the answer correctly. Me on the other hand always get it wrong and sometimes I got help from Joo hwan(Duy's friend). On the 4th day, the winner was Jie Ying but Duy told the boys that he didn't want Jie ying to win. He wanted me to win. And on that day our relationship started.

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