My love story

This is my real life love story.


2. Part 1

It all started when I was in year 3, I fell in love with a guy who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. That special guy is currently my boyfriend. And this is how it all started.


I was a very childish, weird, fat, stupid and ugly girl. Everyone in class hated me because of that and no one wanted to be my friend. But there was 1 girl who has been my best friend since year 2 that always supports me no matter what. Her name was Vy Nguyen; she was the opposite of me. She is mature, funny, sporty, skinny, smart and beautiful. A lot of boys like her and everybody wanted to get to know her. I was always at the back like a shadow no one notice. It hurt sometimes but I always have to show a smile on my face. Vy also played with the popular group and she introduces me to them. Which was very weird at first because who would want the most unpopular girl in class to be in the popular group. But then we all started to become good friends with each other. And day by day, things started to change. The group leader, Jie ying Ee finally let me into the popular group. It was a very important thing for me when Jie ying let me into the group because she wasn't just our popular group leader. She was our whole class leader. All the guys in class love her but she never shown any interest in them. Except 1 guy who name was Duy Nguyen. He confesses to her on her first day of school and since then they are really close to each other. I was really jealous of Jie ying because Duy was the guy I have a crush on. I knew I would never a chance with him when I was so stupid and ugly. But whenever I see him, I can't stop myself from loving him. Even when I was so young, I knew I love him. 


It was a normal year in school until the last week of school. Me, Vy, Jie Ying and Ka huyn join our school talent show. We sang Pretty boy by M2M and we won 1st place (This is true facts). From then on people started to get to know me and I became more and more popular. This made me really happy because at last people have some respect on me instead of ignoring and hating on me. But sadly that was our last week of year 3.

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