I wrote this story when I was nine but have just edited it so it shouldn't be too bad. Btw, I am no longer nine ;)


4. Chapter 4

Kilaka slowly turned around to see the grinning Syphon staring at the space where Li used to be. “You! You monster!” she screamed. She took out her dagger, which she had always kept with her, and with one swift movement she charged over to him and stabbed him in the heart. His eyes rolled back into his head as she picked him up and threw him over with strength that she never knew she had. Once she had calmed down a bit, she sat down and leaned against the wall. She knew that Syphon had been controlling her and why but she still felt bad like it all her fault that Li was dead. She put her head in her hands and sobbed until she thought that she should do something about it. She stood up, said “I will not be treated like some newbie agent!” and she smashed the window before jumping out of it.




Li found himself floating in some sort of chamber. “Welcome to The Chamber Of Fears.” said a familiar voice. “Syphon.” He whispered dazedly. Shouldn’t I be dead? he thought to himself. Syphon started to explain what had happened after Li had fell off the conveyer belt and into the flames. Li only started listened when he explained how he had survived falling over the edge. “Well, I held onto a bar under the conveyer belt and then I pressed this button on my wrist,” Syphon pointed to his wrist where there was a gadget disguised as a watch, “It’s a teleporting thing.” He explained to Li. “Anyway, let’s get to it” sneering, Syphon pressed another button on the wall. “I hope you like animals.” All of a sudden a trap door appeared and opened. Scorpions came out, and a lot of them too. “Three thousand, nine hundred and seventy- four to be exact.” he said. But Li didn’t hear him because he was too busy backing up to the other wall. Li’s breathing quickened. “They’re coming closer.” He thought. It suddenly hit him. How did Syphon know what he was afraid of?




Kilaka was starting to think that this was a joke. She had been walking through the elaborately furnished halls for over an hour. As she came through yet another dining hall with lots of statues, she noticed a door that she hadn’t seen before. Kilaka walked curiously over and tried to open it. But, of course, it was locked. She racked her brains trying to remember something about keys that Master Jiao had taught them. “That’s it!” she gasped. Kilaka ran over to a statue of a griffin and looked inside its snarling mouth. Sure enough there was the key to the secret door.


Kilaka opened the door and as the door swung open on silent hinges, she became face to face with Edlina.  




As soon as the first scorpion bit him and the poison rushed through him, all the other scorpions disappeared. Syphon held up a bottle of turquoise liquid and said “I will give you this antidote if you take on all the challenges.” “Anything.” was the reply from Li. He looked down. The wound was swelling up where the scorpion bit him and black blood was oozing out. With the life being drained out of him, Li would do anything to be healthy again. “You have to promise.” “I. Promise.” Li whispered raggedly. Syphon threw the bottle down to Li and he  caught it, draining the contents. “There, now you have to do whatever challenge I give you. We’ll start off easy.” Syphon pressed the teleport button and then in a blink of an eye they were in a jungle, right in front of a huge, muddy lake which surprising smelt of peaches. “You have to complete this obstacle course with only this.” Syphon handed him a long spear with a shield, a bow with eleven arrows, a 20 L water bottle and a gun. “And there will be no refusing to move.” Syphon had said that because Li wouldn’t move. Syphon pushed Li off the bank and into the murky depths of Lake Jaiwaxuffer.




Kilaka screamed at the same time as Edlina and ran back the way she had come from. She ran so fast and so far and got so tired that she forgot to keep screaming. She ran past all the arrows, flipped over the lasers, past all the ninjas and jumped over the steaming pit of symmetric dianomical acid. Soon, she came to a strange room with glass all around, but nothing beyond it. In the center, surrounded by a pool of blue light, was a stand with a plasma screen on it. Kilaka absently picked up a remote and pressed the “ON” button. And there, on the one hundred and twenty five inch plasma screen, was Li.




Li was surprised at the ease in this challenge. He only had to swim to the other side. But them he felt something squishy, wait three squishy things. Li lifted his arm out of the green, sloppy water to find three leeches attached to him with thin trickles of blood running down his arm. “Oh no I hate leeches.” Li swam the rest of the way much faster and got out of the lake without hesitation. “Well done, you have passed the first challenge.” Syphon said and with that he disappeared again. He breathed a sigh of immense relief, before turning around to find himself face to face with a hungry, black jaguar. 

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