I wrote this story when I was nine but have just edited it so it shouldn't be too bad. Btw, I am no longer nine ;)


2. Chapter 2

Li awoke in a small, silver room with no windows. When his vision cleared, what he saw was terrifying. He was in a room with no walls, just mirrors. Even the ceiling and the floor was covered with mirrors. This room reminded him of a time when he was only three and his mother had taken him to the Spring Festival and he had gone into a mirror maze and got lost. He had ended up staying the night there because no one could find him. He felt like that little boy right now, even though that was twelve years ago, lost and scared. Li sat up and rubbed his eyes, which where suddenly sore and felt as though someone had sprinkled volcano powder in them, and when he opened them a small man with a deformed head was standing in front of him.


 “Good evening, Li” the man said smoothly. “My name is Syphon.” “I hope you had a good sleep, because it’s the last one you’ll be having for a while.” Li was completely lost for words. Kidnapped, stuck in a mirrored room and now he wasn’t even allowed to sleep? What is going on? The two just stared at each other in silence for several minutes. Li had a pale face and covered with lean muscle. The man had a massive, bucket shaped head and was very short. It was Li’s stomach that broke the silence when it rumbled loudly. “Ah, you must be hungry,” he chuckled “my wife, Edlina, has made some supper. Care to join us?” “I hope you like lobster.” Li usually didn’t like lobster but right now, he would eat anything. Even something from this crazy man.


After the meal, Li sat back with satisfaction as Syphon and Edlina spoke in hushed tones. “What are you planning to do to him?” whispered Edlina. “You’ll find out sooner or later.” was the reply from Syphon. “Li,” called out Edlina “would you like to stay the night?” Li nodded warily and followed Edlina to the room where he would be staying. Edlina left him there to settle in and go to sleep, but instead, Li searched for a chance to escape. If Syphon had known his name and that he was scared of mirrored rooms, then who knows what else he might do to him. Li went over to the other side of the room and looked out the window. He could see his aunt and uncles house over on the other side of the woods. “Shouldn’t take too long to get home.” he thought. But when he looked directly down, he saw that he was on the top floor and there was a sheer drop down to the ground.


Li thought over the consequences that would occur if he did this. Eventually he made up his mind to be careless and relax like some of the other kids in his biology class. “Meh.” He had said to himself. (Although in his head he was saying “Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! I’m going to die.”) As he smashed the window. All of a sudden an ear piercing siren went off and some toxic gas sprayed out of a disguised bug spray can. Li couldn’t seem to stop coughing and didn’t notice an iron cage close around him as he fell to the ground, unconscious. 

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