2. Under The Sea🐬

Aquamarine's POV

I watched as Niall started to get the hang of swiming around with a tail. I was laughing so hard by now,but i stoped when Niall punched my arm. I decided that I would take Niall to the most beautiful place under the entier ocean... The Coral Reef. I was more unbelieveable than ever. All the coral was a beautiful colour of orange. The next thing i knew i felt a hand on my sholder as Niall turned me around. he pointed to the cave that led to the merpool and he pulled me up for air. I got up and sat on a rock and Ni sat beside me. I my tail slowly started to fade and was replaced with a skirt.Nialls tail faded and was replaced with his jeans that were wa to reavealing."What happened?"

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