does love last????

This is about a girl named kira and she was nialls love of his life. He left for the x-factor and then a year after he had his phone thrown in the pool and lost most of his contact......what happens when they meet in a store 2 years later. Is their spark still there . Will new love appear? Read and find out


4. nialls flashback

*******Nialls P.O.V*******

I am really sad. I have got so many things I wanted to tell her but because I well technically didn't do it ,it  was  harry or Louis I don't who it wa- I AM OFF TOPIC AGAIN!!!!! any way after I got my phone back I had lost half of my contacts including kiras!! and I couldn't remember what her number was. (insert sad face :() so today we are travelling to Adelaide I still love this place its were I met kira but, sadly in the wrong way.


I was really getting into teenage kicks and well I kinda let go of my mic and cause my hand was slippery as well. as I turned around (cause I heard a scream of pain)I saw the girl I was staring at for most of the concert with her hands clutched on her left and she was crying she had a friend holding by her sides and even the music stopped to make it even more awkward. me and the boys all ran over to her and were asking her if she was alright. she shook her head as in to say no. we got two security guards to lift her over the railing and to help her up the steps. once she was backstage and sitting on the couch I got the stage nurse to help her they took her in the dressing and we had to stay out side to finish the concert. a few hours later we came off stage and found her sitting on the couch with Eleanor and Dani. it was the first time I really took in her appearance she was probably as tall as me and had dirty long hair that was shoulder length and now had a bandage under her eye-

flashback over

I was pulled out of my daydream by the bus coming to a hault we must be here because I could hear the muffled screams made by the fans

here we go









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