Drama With A Gang.

Jaycee Rose Winter is now Jaycee Rose Tomlinson. Dropped off at 'The Blaze's' house to pay off a debt her mother and father owed. She never met her biological mother or father. When Jaycee finds love OUTSIDE the gang -Which is Forbidden- what will she do? Run Away? That will get her killed. Have the certain guy join the gang? That's Possible.


1. Prologue

[Jaycee's Mum's POV]


                  "Do we really have to do this?" I ask, my husband John for the millionth time. I don't want to give up our only daughter, we have to because we can't afford to pay back the debt we owe them. She's going to a gang called 'The Blaze.'

                  "We do honey, I know you love her, but we cant afford to pay them back. They promised to care, and protect her." John explains rubbing my arm in a soothing way. It really wasn't helping. At. All.

                  I loved our baby girl, but John had to go and mess with the worst gang in London. So since we couldn't afford to repay him, we have to give up something we love dearly. "I can't believe this is the last time we will see our baby, EVER." I mutter staring into her car-seat. We are almost to his house now.

                  Louis -Gang Leader- said she will learn the ways of being in a gang, that's not what I want for my baby girl. "Were here honey," John whispers sending a quick message to Louis telling him were here. I look over my shoulder out at the house.

                 Its a huge white house, with rotting spots all over, they need to fix this. It's in the middle of a deserted town. We aren't allowed to tell anybody about this place, or the deal we made with my daughter.

                The door of the disgusting house opens, and Louis steps out, carrying a machine gun. I bet its for protection, but from what? Probably because he is in a deserted town? Or he can get ambushed?

                "Where is she?" Louis demands raising his gun to nudge my breast. I gasp in disgust. John growls shooting him a death glare. John reaches in the back seat, grabs Jaycee -Carefully- and hands her to Louis. I cry out, whimpering as Louis murmers whispers to her.

                "Good bye Jaycee. Mama loves you, don't forget it." I mutter kissing her forehead, she's awake staring wide eyed at the grey skies. It looks like its about to rain.

                 Jaycee waves her hands in the air, giggling. I open my passenger door, get in and buckle up. John doing the same thing. I look back over to where Louis was standing, but he's not there. The door to the white house slams shut, leaving me to cry as John drives away.


 That was the last time I've seen my baby girl.



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