Begins with Pain.

There was always that one girl who seems to like this boy, but the boy doesn't know yet. Paris seems to be afraid to ruin the relationship with the boy. Things that she didn't expects starts to happen and it doesn't stop there. It's 2020, Paris is married to the dream boy. There must be a miracle. Let's go to Paris adventure to see how Paris get her dream boy.


1. Read first !

Sorry for those who thought this would be a Fan Fiction, but this is based on a true story. Please incourage me to continue to write this amazing story. Follow me and Like this story. This is my first story, so I hope I do well in writing like all of you. For the readers, I hope you like it. If you want more chapters, comment below. I'm in the moment of writing the story starting 11/8/13 . Have a wonderful day on Movellas.

By; Knoawn

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