Heal This Heartbreak. Aston Merrygold Fan Fiction.

When Kayleigh and her fiancé are in a car crash Kayleigh's world is turned up side down. When she's left with a baby that is Three months early, and a dead fiancé can she cope? Can Kayleigh's heartbreak be healed by no other than Aston Merrygold? Read and find out...


1. 1


"I actually can't even hold my excitement for this holiday." Tilly says excitedly.

"Me either, a full month with my girls in the sun, what more can I ask for?" Chloe grins.

"Perfect way to spend your twenty first right Kayleigh?" Megan smirks at me.

"Of course it is." I wink at her. For my twenty first my mum had payed for me and the girls to go to Miami for four weeks, and we are actually so excited.

"I'm saying a bottle of vodka for the flight, what you's think?" I ask.

"I think that is the best thing I have herd all day." Tilly replies.

"Lets go get some then." Chloe says as we all head over to the airport shop.


"Pass port please." The pass port person says to us as we walk through, we stop and show them to her before continuing on to the plain. We was sat in first class so we could all sit together wich was good. Megan sat next to the window with Chloe next to her and then Tilly with me at the end. The flight video thing came on. After it was finished we was told to put our seat belts on well we took off. Once we was fully up in the air we took them off and got out the vodka.

"Shots?" Tilly asks.

"Yeahh." We all reply. Tilly hands us all a shot glass.

"After three yeah?" Chloe says as we all nod. "One... Two... Three go!" Tilly shouts as we all down our drinks.


Allot of shots later we was all kind of tipsy and giggling at everything.

"I'm going toilet." Megan says getting up and walking off. A few minutes later she returns. "Guess who I just seen."

"Who?" I ask hearth asleep.

"That little one from JLS."

"You mean the annoying one who thinks he's the best thing in life?" I ask.

"Yeah that one."

"What's your point?" I ask pulling my phone out of my bag.

"He's on our flight wich means he must be going to the same place as us." Chloe answers for her.

"Grate." I mumble placing my earphones in my ears. I honestly hoped he wasn't going to Miami like us... I really hate the way girls fall all over him.


This story is currently being written on Wattpad so go check it out on there if you like it :D

If I get a good enough reaction I might start posting it on here too...who knows

Feedback is verry much appreciated :) x

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