Our Insane Lives

Meet the students of California Coast High; class of 2013. From Jocks to Princesses and Nerds to Bullies, this school has some serious problems. Suddenly, one of the students is dying and a very special guest falls in love with 3 girls! Will it all turn out just fine?
Co-Author: Molly.1d


1. Meet the Gang

Jade's P.O.V

I walked out of the classroom to find Molly and Aimee staring at a poster of one direction. I seriously didn't have time for this. I love One Direction, but Aimee and Molly were just way too obsessed with them. "Weren't you guys staring at that yesterday?" I said sarcastically. "No , and guess what?" said Molly, excitedly. "I looked at a picture of Niall for 37 minutes today!" she said. "Okay, that's just creepy, Molly," I replied, shocked. Then I could here my phone beep. It was a text. From Lauren. It said 'I have some exciting news. Meet me by the cricket nets and bring every girl (Molly, Aimee, Amelie etc.)' I looked up at Molly and Aimee. "We gotta go meet Lauren. I wonder what's up?" We quickly grabbed Amelie, Emily, Ashlee and Charlotte and ran to the cricket nets. Lauren was standing there with a huge smile on her face.


Lauren's P.O.V

I couldn't stop smiling. All my friends were just standing there waiting for me to tell them.... "Well, what's up." said Jade, impatiently. I waited a couple of seconds until I couldn't hold it in anymore. "Joe and I did something yesterday!" I squealed. "You don't mean.." said Emily. "Yes, I do!" I yelled, getting louder every word. "Okay, what the hell are you guys talking about?" Said Amelie, annoyed. "JOE AND I KISSED!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. All the girls were silent, then they bursted out screaming. Then the bell rang so we all went off to our different classes, chatting then laughing and giggling.


Braydon's P.O.V

I hate math. That's all I say about it. I hate it. I'm not good at it. Unlike Noah and Harry, those guys are lucky, their smart AND sporty. Suddenly Miss Richardson (AKA Miss Bitchardson) walked into the class. I immediately sat up and started working. She needed to talk to Ryan. What a dick. I continued to do my work until Ben passed me a note. It was from Jarod. Me and him had just been separated for talking too much. The note said "you seriously need to send a note to Shae." Shae. I had completely forgotten about her. She was in English, probably talking to Jade and Emily. I quickly replied back to Jarod: "I will, just be patient. I'll get Grace or someone to give it to her." Finally, Miss Richardson left the room and I was able to go back to what I was doing; thinking about how I hate Math.


Joe's P.O.V

What a night it had been. I don't know if it was a dream or real. Me and Lauren. The kiss. Her soft lips on mine. It was truly magical. Just then I heard Jade's voice. "Joe! Is it true? Did you and Lauren kiss?" Her annoying voice said. "Yeah, it's true."
I replied, softly. Jade smiled. She was pretty cool. Even though she was super annoying, she was pretty cool. She put her hands on her hips, like I always do and then I replied by putting my hands on my hips and wiggled my butt. 


Jade's P.O.V

Once I had walked away from Joe, I paused. There, standing right infront of me, was Noah. I had taken a liking to Noah after camp earlier in the year, and ever since I have liked him. But right now, he was crying. I ran up to him, where Lauren and Charlotte were already standing. "Noah, what happened?" I said anxiously. "Ben's dying." He said, softly. Look at him, this big tough guy, becoming all soft. "Which Ben?" Charlotte asked, with a horrified look on her face. "Jolly." He said. Then he walked away. "That was really weird." Lauren said, tears in her eyes. Charlotte and I were crying too, but not as heavily as Lauren. Finally, I walked back into class just as the late bell rang.

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