Our Insane Lives

Meet the students of California Coast High; class of 2013. From Jocks to Princesses and Nerds to Bullies, this school has some serious problems. Suddenly, one of the students is dying and a very special guest falls in love with 3 girls! Will it all turn out just fine?
Co-Author: Molly.1d


5. Athletics Day - Part 2


Leslie's P.O.V

Now, it was time for Softball Throw. Mrs (or as we call 'him') Mr Bracefield, was in charge. It sucked. She said girls can't throw. Offensive. Softball was one of my favourites. I was good at it, last year I came 1st, followed by Faith and Susma. I couldn't wait to see what this year would bring... 
We lined up at the hoops, 8 at a time. We then had 3 practices, before we had to throw individually. I did really well in the heats, but you had to make it past the 18 meter mark. Simple. Then, in the semi finals, you had to make it past the 20 meter mark. Still simple. Then, in the finals you had to throw as far as far as you could and they would measure it. I came 3rd. Oh well.

Emily's P.O.V

'I am going to fail at high jump.' I kept thinking to myself. I was excited, but nervous at the same time. We all did our first go. I was on the right side. There were 5 lefties on the left side; Jade, Jordan, Kiana, Ruby and Sasha. I did my jump. I ran, did a scissor kick and landed perfectly on the mat. Miss J (Johnson) said "Go on the left side, this time Emily; you pushed off with your left foot. So I tried the left side. Then Jade and I made it through all the heats and semis until Jade got out in the semis. Then I got out. Well, at least I won the left side. Aimee and Viti came 1st =. 

Shae's P.O.V

Sprint Finals time. I was so nervous. Aimee, Cassie and I have been waiting for this all day. "Year 5 Girls, to your lane, please." Miss Long yelled. The Year 5 girls ran, Sarah A. won. I got even more nervous as the races went on. Jonah won the Year 5 Boys. Finally, it was time for my race. "Can the following Year 6 girls come to the starting line. ShaeLyn Lamb, Aimee Court, Cassie Younes, Stephanie Li, Charlotte Dorahy, Emily Grigg and Leslie Eggins-Pickering." I got up. I was so nervous, and everyone was watching. I jumped into the middle lane, waiting for the clapper "ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!" Miss Long yelled. I starting sprinting as fast as I could go. The race felt like it went on for ages. Then finally, I could see the finish line up ahead. Everyone was standing there, cheering me on, especially Braydon. Then, I crossed the finish line. First place. Yes! Then behind me was Emily and Aimee. The Year 6 boys were next, Braydon was first, Jarod second and Noah third. 

Leslie's P.O.V

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