I am 19 now. I am sitting out on the front step by myself. Mum isn't here anymore, she left last year. For the better, I suppose. My brother lives in California, in a law firm. And dad, well. He is still here in my heart. I collect the daily paper now, and I sit on the step reading that whilst drinkin my coffee with 5 sugars. I'm lonely. Occasionally friends come over, mostly not though. I work a lot. But on my days off, I find myself sitting here, on the front step staring into a blank neighbourhood.


8. Chapter 8.

It's been about 3 weeks since Harry braught up me moving into a smaller place. I have been packing boxes and giving things to charity which has been so hard for me to do, chucking away memories and stuff kills me.

Harry has been supporting me this whole time and I couldn't have asked for such an amazing friend, I am so glad he moved here. He told me he found a two bedroom apartment realy close to my job so I applied for it, and guess what? I got it!

Harry was telling me that he doesnt like living at home so I invited him to live with me and now I have a room mate. It's goo to know that one of my friends is there for me.

It's Tuesday morning and I am set to move into my new home tomorrow. I haven't been at work because I have been packing, and also I am thinking about sellng my half of the buisness. It is way to much paper work and I know that someone out there would kill to take my spot.

As I pac the last of the boxes in the loungeroom, I look at the blank walls. This is the last time I can sit in here for ages and stare at photos because now he photos are in boxes, the fmaily home is being left to a new family.

A knock on the door snaps me out of my thoughts and I get up, looking at myself briefly in the mirror. My eyes, red and puffy in my hair out and all over place. I shrug and open the door, finding Harry. "You never knock, what's changed?" I asked and he shrugged, "I don't know. But I hired out a truck to move furniture and stuff tomorrow." He said and I smiled at him, "Thats good, thankyou." I said and he walked in, "Wow, so this is what your house looks like empty." He says, is eyes looking at the roof and down the walls.

"Yeah, well, I havent even seen the new apartment so I hope it is big enough for the furniture." I said and Harry smiles at me, "I told you it was a suprise." He said and I sighed, he has been wanting it to be a suprise and I am praying that it hasnt got a leaking roof, or not hot water.

"Do you want to get take out? We can eat it on the floor." I offer and he nods and pulls out his phone. He calls Chinese and orders our food, he knows what I like because we seem to get takeout nearly every night. He hangs up and looks at me, "They should be here soon." He said and I nodded and layed down on the carpet in the living room.

"So, we get the keys at 9 tomorrow, right?" I asked and he nods, sitting down next to me. I roll onto my tummy and he sits on my bottom and rubs my back, "They said they will meet us there." He said and I sigh, confirming that I heard what he said.

We plan out what is going to happen tomorrow, once our food comes, we eat. Once we finish eating, I chuck the empty boxes in the trash can outside and walk back in. "I am going to sleep, so I will see you in the morning." I said and he nodded, getting up and going out the door. "Night!" He called and I smiled and closed the front door.


So, today I am moving. It is 6.30 in the morning and Harry has the truck in the driveway and I am carrying boxes and shoving them in the cars. The removal guys and Harry are carrying the heavy stuff and Harry has no shirt on and I can't help but stare. "You right?" He asked winking at me and I look down at my box and continue walking.

Since Harry has such a large car, we get all the boxes in each car, plus a few in the truck. We are finished packing by around 8.30 and I need to take the keys to the sales company. I take one last tour around the house and reminise on the memories I have shared with my family. I sigh and can't control the single tear that falls down my face.

I walk out the front and lock the door, I look at Harry who is ready to go and I walk down the stairs. "Your ready?" He asked. He knows how hard this is for me. I nod and walk to my car. "I have to take the keys in first, can you put the address of the building into my GPS so I don't get lost?" I asked and he nodded, walking to my car and putting the address.

Harry leaves in his car, and the removal truck follows behind him. I take my keys in the follow the GPS to my new home. As I pull into the carpark, it is really fancy. I pull up next to the truck and find Harry talking to the owners. I get out and walk to him and smile. "You must be Charlie." The lady says smiling. "That would be me." I say smiling and I look at Harry who is holding the keys. "I trust you won't be having heaps of parties and stuff right?" She asked and I shake my head and Harry shrugs.

"You two enjoy living together, I have to go home and cook breakfast for the grandchildren." She says and wonders off. I look at Harry and he smiles. "You ready?" He asked and I nodded, Harry and I grab some boxes and carry them into the apartment. Luckily we are only on the second level. He puts the boxes down and unlocks the door and kicks it open. I walk in and look around.

"Holy shit." I say. This place is beautiful, it has a balcony, the kitchen is beautiful the walls are all white with hardwood floor. I look around at Harry who is pretty please with himself as he reads the boxes and take them to the appropriate places. I put the boxes I was carrying in the kitchen and look around the rooms. Harry's room is really nice, white walls and hardwoord floors, and mine is the same. The house is so simple it's beautiful.

The removalist guys unpack the truck and the put furniture where we want it all within about 4 hours. Harry and I unpacked the cars now we are unpacking clothes into the room, shoving things in my dresser and going into the bathroom and putting in the toothbrush and whatever else.

I walk into Harry's room who is sitting on his bed. "Hey." I say and he looks up and smiles. "This place is nice huh?" He asked and I nodded, "It is beautiful. Noe come help me unpack the house." I say and he nods.

We will be up all night doing this, but it is so worth it.



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