I am 19 now. I am sitting out on the front step by myself. Mum isn't here anymore, she left last year. For the better, I suppose. My brother lives in California, in a law firm. And dad, well. He is still here in my heart. I collect the daily paper now, and I sit on the step reading that whilst drinkin my coffee with 5 sugars. I'm lonely. Occasionally friends come over, mostly not though. I work a lot. But on my days off, I find myself sitting here, on the front step staring into a blank neighbourhood.


3. Chapter 3.

Harry's POV

I carry her inside her home, she is crying. What the fuck is her problem. What is the story. I sit her down and look around the room. Why are there so many video tapes on the floor? Is she crazy? I sit next to her, I am pissed off. I don't know why but I am fucking pissed. "Charlie, what the hell is going on." I snapped, maybe I shouldn't of. She looked at me with that kind of face 'Are you kidding me?'. "Get out of my house, get out!" She screams in my face and I am confused, and my anger raises to a whole new level. "I am trying to help!" I yell back, she kind of flinches and I realise that I yelled to loudly. "Your not helping! I have dealed with this for years! I don't need you!" She yells back.

Is this what I get for fucking helping?! I slam my fist into the wooden table infront of me and stand up, walking to the door. I walk out and slam the door as loud as I can after me. I look at her flowers and I am so tempted to kick them out of the fucking ground but I decide against it.

I walk around and across my yard and walk into the house. I walk into my room and stared at my unpacked boxes. I sit down on my bed and pull my phone out of my pocket and type in a number. I have met someone since I have moved into this house, and she is an absolute bitch. Fuck her.

"Hello?" A girl answers and I smile, "Hey, baby." I say. She gasps and giggles, "I didn't think you were going to call back. You okay?" She asked and I go to say no but don't, "I am fine, just want to hang out." I said and she giggles again. "Sure! Come over!" She says and I stand up making sure I have my wallet and keys. "Leaving now." I say and hang up.

Maybe a few drinks and sex will make me better.

Charlies POV

I am sitting on the front step with my coffee with 6 sugars, reading the paper that I didnt read this morning. I hear a door next door open and close, I look up and fiond Harry pacing to his car. He changed in a grey shirt and changed from shorts to jeans.

He turns around and see's me staring and I look back down at my news paper. I hear his car start and reverse. I really needs to take his car into the shop, well not my shop but he needs to take it in.

I watch him drive past my house and turn around the corner. I continue to read the paper. I look at the time on my watch and time on my watch, it's only 4. I go inside and grab my keys. Maybe I can go and shower then go out to dinner by myself. Or maybe I will call someone. I will decide while I am in the shower.

I walk to the phone and dial my friends number, after a few rings she answers. "Charlie!" She says and giggles, "Hey, Macey, wanna come out for dinner? My shout." I say and she sighs, "I am sorry I have-" She stops talking and starts giggling, "Harry stop it!" She giggles and I hear him in the background, "Who is it baby?" He asks and she giggles more, "It's my friend Charlie." She replys and he goes silent. And I go silent. "Okay, well. Talk soon." I said and quickly hung up.

Once I get out I put on some clothes and some closed in shoes. I grab the keys and walk outside. I normally always just leave my wallet in the car, I don't really need it any other time. I sit in the car and think about what Harry and Macey were doing right now. I shudder at the thought.

I turn on the engine and pull my seat belt on. I reverse and begin driving to the nearest cafe or place with food. I end up just going to Burger King. My dad and I used to come here all the time, it was my favourite food in the world.

I go in and order my burger with fries and wait for it to be made, once made I find a table near the window. I look around and see families gathered, and a few younger couples. I envy them. I begin eating my burger and wish that dad was sitting across from y making scenerios about all te families gathered here.

Once I finished I just sit for a while and sip my coke. I stand up and walk to my car, and get in. I drive to the liquor store and purchase a bottle of vodka, "ID please." The woman behind the checkout said and I show her and she nods and I pay for my item.

I walk back to the car and sit the vodka on the seat next to me. I drive to the lookout just around the corner from my place and begin to drink the straight vodka. I cringe as it burns the back of my throat but love it at the same time. After mum died I turned to drinking as a excuse to get better for the lose.

I realise that I am drunk now, and I looked at the bottle of vodka and giggle at the fact that there is still half left. I turn the engine on and begin driving home, a totally unsafe move but I only live about 2 minutes from the lookout.

After swerving around on the road my a maniac, I pull in my driveway and step out, just at the same time, Harry pulls into his driveway and gets out with a bottle of something. I giggle, causing him to look over. "Well look who it is." I hiccup and he laughs, "Are you drunk?" He asked and I scoff and stumblr over to my door. "You don't know me." I reply and he smiles, "Get inside." He said in a stern voice. "Your not my dad." I choke on the word. He notices and looks confused.

"What will your parents say about your state?" He asked as he slowly walks to his door. "There never coming home so I wouldn't know." I slip out and he looks at me weirdly. "Yes they are." He said and I shake my head and kick some rocks before walking to my door.

I fumble around with my keys and try to get the key into the lock, my bottle of Vodka tightly stashed under my arm. I finally get the front door unlocked and I walk in then turn around. "Night." I call but he is gone. I shrug and slam my door shut and make my way to the kitchen. I search through the fridge and cupboard and pull out some chips and begin eating them.

I am still drinking my Vodka, but there is only one sip to go and I pout at my bottle. I eat another chip before taking the last mouthful of vodka and walking out of the kitchen, making sure the door is locked.

I walk upstairs and into my parents room. I stand there for a while and look around. The bed wasn't made since that day, no one has touched that bed. I look at the jewelerry and remember the day. The heart attack. I shake my head and look down, a single tear sliding down my cheek. I cry to much.

I stumble into my room and close the door, strip off my clothes and open my window and dangle my legs out. I look up at the sky and look at back to see Harry sitting in his room sitting on the floor, drinking alone. I admire him for a moment before falling backwards in my room and squealing. I stand up and find Harry looking over. I close the window and crawl to my bed.


The next morning when I wake up I feel horrible. I walk into the bathroom and have a shower, but it doesnt work. I have my coffee with 6 sugars, still nothing. I put on my work clothes and begin walking to work. I walk past Harry's house and look at it, Harry's car isn't there. I wish he didn't move in there.

When I get to work, Paul laughs at me. "Your hungover." He points out and I wave him off, "Fuck off I feel sick." I said and he laughs harder. "I am just going to do quick fixes today my head hurts to much." I tell him and he nods and points to a few cars. I begin fixing the cars and Paul comes over to me, "A guy came in and said that he wants that Range Rover over there fixed today before 4." He said and looks over to the Range Rover. Harry's car. "Yeah I will get right to it." I say and he walks off.

I finish off the car I was on and walk over to Harry's car, his keys in the egnition. I open up the front and begin working on it. Boy, this is going to take more then a day to fix.

I do the best a can when I hear a cough behind me. I look behind me and see Harry standing there. "I don't think I want a drunk fixing my car." He said smirking and I roll my eyes. "Do you want it fixed or not?" I asked and he nods and sits on the concrete next to the car. "So, how much will this cost?" He asked and I shrugged. "I don't know until I calculate it." I said and he chuckled.

I continue fixing the car and Harry gets up and looks into the engine as f he knows what he is doing. "I am thinking about sellin the house when I fix it a bit." I spill out, why am I talking to him about my problems. "Why would it be up to you?" He spits and I look at him, "I live there by myself, it's too big for just one person." I say and he looks confused. "My brother, lives in California." I start and he shrugs, "What about your parents?" He asked and I continue fixing the car, "Charlie?" He asked after a while and I jump a bit, "What?" I asked and he laughed, "What abou your parents?" He asked, "Oh, well, they arn't coming home." I said. I waited for him to catch on and when he did he looked at me with a sympathetic look.

"Sorry." He said and I shrug, "Wasn't your fault." I said, "There, done." I said and we walk to the reception. I begin doing paperwork and invoices and Harry watches intently. "So, that comes too two hundred dollars." I say, he hands me two hundred dollars in solid cash and I shove it in the dox and lock it. "Heres your keys." I say and he grabs them. "See you later." He said and walks off.



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