Our Moment

Victoria is the popular girl in school and Niall is the innocent boy. Kimmy is the high school nerd and Harry is the high school bad boy. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.
Harry Styles as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Selena Gomez as Victoria
Ariana Grande as Kimmy
Want a better bio? Well..
Victoria is believing that Niall loves her and that he has a bad memory but Niall is FREAKING out because she's saying things that aren't true. Kimmy is stuck with a blackmail while in love with.. what?


4. Time at Home

Kimmy's P.O.V.

Great. I have to go home now. Is it bad enough at school. You see i have a cousin who is visiting us and well.. he loves to verbal bully me. Here we go.

At home

Kimmy's .P.O.V. (still)

I walked in the door to be greeted my my mom and dad.

"Hello mom and dad, where is Ryan?" I asked. Ryan is my little brother.

"Oh, he is in his room doing homework. Where were you?" Mom askes suspiciously.

"Oh, you see, i got detention because of this bully. I am not going to give you his name." I specifically stated. Without another word, i ran upstairs. As i was running in the upstairs hallway, I unfortunately bumped into my cousin, Louis Tomlinson.

"Hey,dork" he said with a stern face.

"H-hey Louis." I replied.

"Awe, you're nervous. It's only me not whats her name? Ah, Victoria the hottie. Is she single? I bet not." Louis stated.

Louis' P.O.V.

"She is single still." Kimmy told me in a soft voice. I stood there in shock. Wow. I can't believe that Victoria is single. I thought she would be dating a special boy, like that Harry guy.

"Okay bi-"

"Hey kids, dinner is ready!" My uncle interrupted us.

Victoria's P.O.V.

I walked into Starbucks to find Niall. I never knew that he was cool enough to step in here.

"Hello beautiful, what may I get for you?" the cashier asked.

"I would like to get a tall skinny vanilla latte" I asked.

"Great, would you like anything else hottie?" he asked.

"No i wouldn't want anymore. How much to pay?" I asked getting annoyed.

"5.49 and your phone number." he replied. I was getting so annoyed right now.

"Here's you $5.49 and you would never get my number you dickhead!" I yelled.

After i got my coffee, i went and took a seat across from Niall.

"Hey, when are we gonna get the project started? 'Cause I want to get through with it." I asked sternly.

"Tomorrow." he replied.


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