Our Moment

Victoria is the popular girl in school and Niall is the innocent boy. Kimmy is the high school nerd and Harry is the high school bad boy. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.
Harry Styles as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Selena Gomez as Victoria
Ariana Grande as Kimmy
Want a better bio? Well..
Victoria is believing that Niall loves her and that he has a bad memory but Niall is FREAKING out because she's saying things that aren't true. Kimmy is stuck with a blackmail while in love with.. what?


58. The Blackmail

Victoria's P.O.V.

It was Sam. What is he doing here? OMG, he's gonna killl me for murdering - sorta- him. Well, at least i'll die knowing I have Niall. Why hasn't he visit me?

"You know darling." Sam started,"I like your courage for trying to stand up for your friend."

"She's not my friend, asshole, she is nothing but a fake!" I screamed.

"Then why protect her?"

"Why not?"

"Well, what if I told you that you could go against her?" he told me. Apparently, that got my attention.

"Go on." I replied evilly.

"I have her on black mail, well, me and this other guy you may know."


"Louis Tomlinson."

"Oh." I replied,"What do you have in mind?"

"That depends, what role do you want to play as?"

"Anything that's not taken."

"How about,.... pretend to be her friend."

"Sounds good, how should I approach her?"

"Talk to her during lunch the next time you go to school and bring her to your home to hang out. Then, the plan will go further."

"O.K. But, under one condition, I get whatever I want, whenever I want, for the time I'm involved."

"UGH. Fine!" he agreed.


"Excuse me Victoria, someone is here to see you. May I send him in?"

Was she here this whole time? I hope she didn't hear our conversation.

"Uh.... sure." I replied, unsure of what to do. I hope it is Niall. I haven't seen him in ages.

"Hey, Tori! Who's this? How ya feelin'" my brother, Max, came in and said.

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