Our Moment

Victoria is the popular girl in school and Niall is the innocent boy. Kimmy is the high school nerd and Harry is the high school bad boy. What happens when the two worlds collide? Read to find out.
Harry Styles as Himself
Niall Horan as Himself
Selena Gomez as Victoria
Ariana Grande as Kimmy
Want a better bio? Well..
Victoria is believing that Niall loves her and that he has a bad memory but Niall is FREAKING out because she's saying things that aren't true. Kimmy is stuck with a blackmail while in love with.. what?


42. Singing to Victoria

Niall's P.O.V.

I'm so nervous for today! I'm going to sing for Victoria, and I don't know if she'll like my voice. Also, I heard that her birthday is tomorrow! I'll ask her what she wants later.

Knock Knock

I knocked on Victoria's door. She opened the door and she looked very beautiful. She was wearing a pink tank top with miney mouse on the front, black high waisted shots,and black converse.

"Hey." Victoria greeted me.

"Hi, you look beautiful." I complimented.

"Thanks." she replied.

"No problem." We stood there awkwardly, "should we get going?"

"Yeah, we should."

We walked to the park and sat underneath a tree.

"So, what do you really want?" I asked her.

"I don't know,... maybe a... car... or a new necklace." she replied. Now I know what to give her for her birthday.

"your birthday is tomorrow, right?"

"Yes." We sat there silently, "so, the song."

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

Well, here's nothing.

I figured it out, figured it out from black and white.

Seconds and hours, maybe they had to take some time...

At the end of the song, she clapped.

"Wow, Niall, your voice is... AMAZING!" she told me.

"Thanks." I said shyly. Out of nowhere, she kissed me.

Victoria's P.O.V.

Wow, his voice was amazing, I love the song and his voice. We pulled away from each other and I started blushing like crazy.

"Well, I love the song and your voice." I told him.

"Thank you," He replied, "so are we.. you know.. uh.. d-dating?"

Oh, I love that I make him nervous.

"Well, no one asked me to be their girlfriend yet." I hinted crossing my arms over my chest.

"Oh, yeah. Victoria Wells, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked me looking straight into my eyes.

"Yes, but no one shall know, are we clear?" I responded.

"Yep." he answered popping the p.

"At school, we are just classmates, nothing more. But, outside of school grounds and when no one from school is near we are us." I told him.


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