My Vacations

Hi i will write about my vacations what i have been doing, what i have seen.

Hope you Guys will like it!


1. My Trip To Australia Sydney

The Opera House


I’ve taken lots of picture down here of all the funny things we’ve have seen. We’ve rent an auto camper that we drive in down here in Australia. Our first stop was in Sydney were we for example have been on a bike trip were we could see Sydney City. I’ve taken many pictures of Sydney Opera House and holy fuck it was Big. The wildest thing I've experienced was when I was out and snorkel with Sam and Robin in the biggest and most beautiful coral reefs in Sydney. We looked like idiots with all the snorkeling equipment, but it was seriously the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The ocean was turquoise with crazy variety of fish, in all sorts of colors. The fish was not afraid of us, but we’re extremely afraid of them. We could get close to the big fish so you almost could hear them feed underwater.


We had a day in Sydney Australia Zoo, where we saw the world's cutest animals: a koala. We had arranged with those who work at the zoo, which we are allowed to say hi and hold some of the baby koalas there were almost born. They were so cute. We also see crocodiles, kangaroos, Australian Little Penguin and the cutest animal Red Panda in the zoo.

After that we went to a restaurant called Italian Dinner to eat, where we eat some Italian food. It was delicious, although I would rather have something Australian food, but we did not have much time because we should drive to Melbourne.


We took the camper to Melbourne, but the trip took a lot of time and you know me gram, I hate to sit in a car in so many hours. The trip took about 7-8 hours, but luckily we had games. While we drive could we see some beautiful mountains and some other stuff out of the window. We played a few card games and talked a lot of girl stuff. Sydney is definitely one of the nicest and coolest places I've been.

After our long trip in the camper, we finally came to Melbourne where we went to see SEA LIFE Melbourne where we were going to swim with the Dolphins “my dream came true” they are serous the most beautiful creatures in the world. While we were out at the SEA LIFE Melbourne we talk to the 2 dolphin trainers Eithan and Ash. We become very good friends so they invited us out for ice cream. But after all it has been an awesome vacation.



Robin and Sam with the dolpins


Kisses from Julie

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