An august day


1. Back together

This was not a regular day.

I knew that this day would change everything, every since I walked down the road to meet him I knew that this day would change everything between us.

We broke up for two months but still had conversations with eachother like we used to when we were together.

I walked down the road until I saw him standing there waiting for me. We said hello then we decided to eat in a restaurant. After the food we went to a park and foleed around until he suddenly kissed me.

"I'm sorry but I really had to do are so beautiful!"

My head was spinning, what should I do? This was so confusing but I did as he did and kissed him back.

Later at the evening we went to my school I went to when I was a kid. There was a tower and I climbed up and sat there watching the beautiful sunset and heaven, the beautiful purple and pink coloured clouds. I told him to come up to me and so he did.

We sat next to eachother for a long time and watched the sunset together then he kissed me from nowhere again, I asked him if we were back together again and he said yes if you want to. Then he said he was sorry for everything and told me many beautiful things. After that, he kept on hugging and kissing me until we went home.

He said that he had missed me and that he loves me so much. Then we kissed eachother and said goodbye.

I walked down the road back to my house with the biggest smile ever on my face.

This boy makes me so happy.

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