Have You Ever Heard Of Love?

I'm Honey. Which is a little ironic as I work in a honey making factory. But, do you know what happens when you meet love for the first time? When you dive in head first, and just fall head over heels for the boy who got you in trouble? Well, I just did that!


1. Prologue

Honey's POV


''Honey!'' My boss called from his office, signalling me to come in. I got up off the comfy stuffed sofas and waddled into Mr.McDonald's office.


''Yes sir?'' He motioned for me to sit down, so I did.


''Hello, Honey. As my best worker, I need your acquaintance and help in a little job.'' His raspy voice filled the room, and the humming of his computer backed him up, making the soft noise of a song in my head. I quietly nodded, looking over my shoulder, at where a young boy sat in the shadows. His face, I couldn't see, but from what I COULD see, he looked quite strong. His muscular body stiffened in his seat as he looked down at his hands, his dark hair covering his eyes. I nodded at Mr.McDonald, telling him he can continue. ''He's new here and he may need your help to find his way around the building, and to get to know what he needs to be doing. I trust you in this, no funny tricks, Honey.'' He warned, before getting up.


''Honey, Matt. Matt, Honey.'' I smiled down at the huddled figure, even though he couldn't see me. He mumbled something which I scarcely caught, so I pretend it was some sort of greeting. I stuck my hand out, offering to help him up, but he got up anyway, smiling politely and gliding out of the office. I sighed before running after him, making sure he doesn't get lost in the sea of over powering humans.


''Matt, please wait.'' I called, looking around at my co-workers. He stopped subtly and turned around.


''Sorry, I tend to walk really fast sometimes.'' He explains, scratching the back of his head and smiling down at the ground. I smiled and made my way to where Mr.McDonald told me Matt would be working. Which was right next to me.

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