Have You Ever Heard Of Love?

I'm Honey. Which is a little ironic as I work in a honey making factory. But, do you know what happens when you meet love for the first time? When you dive in head first, and just fall head over heels for the boy who got you in trouble? Well, I just did that!


4. News Of Surprise?

Honey's POV


Our shift was coming to a slow end, and people had already started to pack their stuff to leave.


''Hey, do you...do you, maybe, want a ride home?'' I asked Matt, giving him a small smile. His face lit up and he nodded.


''Oh, man, you saved my life! I would've had to walk a mile in the rain otherwise!'' He chuckled, me joining him.


''Well, what can I say? I'm a honey worker.'' I joke-fully winked and started packing my stuff, him doing the same.


''Ready?'' He asked, throwing his back pack over his shoulder. I nodded and pulled my car keys out of my pockets, dangling them right in front of his face. He shook his head with laughter and started heading towards the exit of the factory.


''So, how do you like it here?'' I smiled as we reached the car. I unlocked the doors, jumping into the drivers' seat.


''It's alright! It's surely different from back home.'' He jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door shut, shrugging a little.


''Where was that, then?'' I started the car and made my way to where he said he lives.


''Ireland.'' He was so motionless, no proudness or ashamedness shown any where around his face, proving very much that this might be the reason he moved here.


''D-did you like it?''


''Yeah, I guess, but it brings back real bad memories when I talk about it!'' He shrugged again, turning to face the window, shielding his face from my view.


''Oh.'' Was all I could manage, as I pulled up near a cute bungalow.


''This is?'' I asked, poking him on the shoulder. He nodded and got out, without a word.


But he DID smile, so I drove off. When I got home, I kicked off my heels and jumped onto the sofa facing the TV.


That's when the news came on, surprising me with what it showed!


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