Emotinally Perfect

Poetry based on how I was feeling at the time. Please don't steal these! I take time and effort to write these. You can use them but please give credit! It's hard to come up with these poems and they won't work if you use them because they reflect how I was feeling. So yeah that's pretty much it


6. Without Me

With out me the world might be happier. Like when I'm in my room everyone's so happy and I'm afraid to go downstairs with them because I don't want to ruin their fun. Really though everyone is always so happy then when I join they all quiet down, it's like they have something against me, maybe the whole world hates me. I thought about what life would be like without me earlier and I could see my mom yelling its time for dinner, me not replying looking for me, finding my suicide note. It would explain everything how I hate myself half the time, about how insecure I really am on the inside. How I feel judged at school, about how I felt that no one would miss me if I go. Then I see her break down into sobs and scream for my little brother and step-dad. They'd come running as my mom doesn't usually scream so it must be bad. They see her crying and ask what's wrong she just holds out the note, they read it my little bro falls to the floor in shock then my step-dad erupts into sobs as well. They start to look for me, hoping that it's not to late. They finally find me, pale and not moving laying next to a bottle of pills. My mom falls to her knees and lays over me as if hoping to protect me from death itself. My brother feels my hand, it's cold and stiff. They would be to late, they'd call my dad and he would start crying, he never cries but me and my brother are the most important things in the world to him. My whole family would be devastated. But it might have worked out for me but I can't do that to my family, my future family even! No matter how much of a screw up I may be, the world wouldn't be a better place without me.

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