Emotinally Perfect

Poetry based on how I was feeling at the time. Please don't steal these! I take time and effort to write these. You can use them but please give credit! It's hard to come up with these poems and they won't work if you use them because they reflect how I was feeling. So yeah that's pretty much it


5. Forgive and Forget

Physical pain goes away emotional pain doesn't you can't hurt someone expects them to forgive you. They might be able to forgive you but remember you hurt them and hurt might be forgiven but it will not be forgotten you can't forget what someone has detailed he can forgive but you can't forget the saying is wrong forgive and forget it is not true you could forgive but sometimes you can't forget it's not your fault most people can't forget you might be hurt by something someone says and then your parents say forgive and forget but no it's not that easy you can't just forgive and forget you just can't this too many reasons why not enough to fit but you should know you around and I know much but you can't forgive and forget it doesn't work that way you can't just forget things that have happened the rumors and bullying and name-calling and physical pain like being punched, slammed into lockers and being pushed to the ground that probably won't just be forgiven and forgotten. People will probably always remember what either you or someone else did to you. Because like I said before it's not easy to just forgive and forget, you probably could but it takes hard work and lots of thought. It's really hard and to do something that is Probably not going to happen. At least not for a long time if it is gonna happen and it's not the human races faults it's just the way our mind works.

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