Emotinally Perfect

Poetry based on how I was feeling at the time. Please don't steal these! I take time and effort to write these. You can use them but please give credit! It's hard to come up with these poems and they won't work if you use them because they reflect how I was feeling. So yeah that's pretty much it


1. That Laugh

Memories buried deep into my brain lost out of sight and out of mind all until tonight. I pulled the memories back one by one and until I have them all practically sitting in my hand. Tonight's the night that horrible night, the night you died only one year ago. Seems so much longer so much time has passed. It's been 365 days since I saw you last, everything's things here it's coming back from your smile to,your laugh. Thing I remember most is when your eyes twinkled with mischief and you'd start to laugh but, sadly those days are on the past. I'll never hear that laugh again on planet earth that in another time another place maybe I'll hear that laugh again. We'll just be in a different place. It's been 365 days since you slept in our bed and it feels so empty, so cold lying here alone. Well this night is coming to a close hopefully next time I'll be with you and the palace in the clouds and I'll be able to hear that laugh that makes me so happy and puts emotion and feeling inside of me.

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