The lonely girl

She was once an ordinary girl untill middle school started


4. The Cute Boy

His hair looked soft , he was taller then me , he was cute .. just a perfect looking boy . My heart sank and i thought to myself " maybe this year isn't going to be that bad " . And i smiled and put my hands in my pockets . We Started to walk to the class room which was room 126 . He told us to stand in a boy line and a girl line and when Brandon was there , i standed right next to him , thinking about how cute he was . We walked into the class room in there were pairs of two desk next to each other . I sat alone and played with my fingers afraid of everyone around me . " Hey can i sit with you ? " Brandon asked . I looked up in shock , blushing a little red . " sure " i said quietly . He sat next to me and some students looked at me like i was odd or something , i ignored it .. I sat there in silence untill Mr. Miranda said my name " Yes Mr. Miranda ? " i said looking down . " Your staying there with Brandon on your side " he said while smiling . 

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