The lonely girl

She was once an ordinary girl untill middle school started


3. Break Down

It was time to find our home room teacher for the year and meet the new people and find people we knew from last year . I was nervous i can cry . " All students must sit on the bleachers " The guidance counselor looking at the teachers around in the gym as everyone piled up in the huge room . I stayed close , i mean very close to Laura ! , then we sat down where all the new sixths graders sat . I wanted to go home but my mom went to work a bit earlier then usually , probably because she knew i would call to come home . " Ok students settle down " said the principal said . " were going to start off with teachers calling students , starting with ms. David "  she walks up to the stand and calls a bunch of 6th graders and I was lucky it wasn't me or Laura . She finishes and two other teachers go up . Thank god they were my teacher there social studies and math . I giggles to myself and a teacher named Mr. Miranda  came up to the stand . He looked fun for a male teacher " Alexandra Mendoza " . I got scared and started to tear up as i hugged Laura good bye and got up and walked down the stairs to the group of 16 boys and 8 girls . i was number 8 . I looked around to see if i knew any one.. but i didn't at all.. i was scared i wanted to hide in my shell like a turtle ... i felt small . Then i looked up a little bit and saw this really cute kid , his name was Brandon Lopez . He looked Puertorican , but damn he was fine as hell .

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