Headphones [Conor Maynard Fanfic]

Conor Maynard the UK's new teen heartthrob from Brighton and Jess the kind of person nobody pays any extra attention to. Could you image them two being best friends? Me neither. Somethings are destined to be but others aren't. Which is this friendship? {COMPLETED}


22. Chapter Twenty - Two.

-Next Day-
Conor's POV:
Currently I'm sat at the airport with my family waiting to board the plane to the USA. Most people are excited as hell to be able to do what they love in a place they love but me, I just want Jess to turn up but she made it pretty clear she wasn't talking to me ever again. If I board this plane and she doesn't turn up then I will admit its over and cut all ties to her.
"Can all passengers boarding the BA1D38 to Los Angeles please make their way to the security check please. Thank you!" The announcer said in the annoying chirpy voice that Jess hated. Oh god, I can't keep doing that, I lived without Jess once and I can do it again. "5 minutes until take off" the announcer added a bit later. Still waiting for Jess to arrive but instead I get a message.

'To Conor: I hope you realise I'm serious about it being over. I'm not going to turn up at the airport and run into your arms like they do in the stupid films. Have fun in America but please forget about me -J x'

'If only it was that easy to forget you'
'You were there for me through thick and thin but this time my career comes first' 
'You'll always be my Vegas girl from Brighton'
"The flight will take off in approximately 1 minute. Please turn off all electronic devices. Thank you for flying with British Airways." 

I plugged in my headphones remembering the day I met Jess.
'All good things come to an end but they make us who we are'

[And that's the end Of 'Headphones' I might do an extra chapter when Conor's back from USA but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! ]

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