Headphones [Conor Maynard Fanfic]

Conor Maynard the UK's new teen heartthrob from Brighton and Jess the kind of person nobody pays any extra attention to. Could you image them two being best friends? Me neither. Somethings are destined to be but others aren't. Which is this friendship? {COMPLETED}


21. Chapter Twenty - One.

Conor Maynard Fanfic.
' I won't let you trample over my heart as long as I'm living'

Chapter 21.
"He is such an arrogant piece of work and I never want to talk to him again," I snarled.
"Well there is someone who wants to see you.." Mum said.

Into my room stepped the exact person I really didn't want to see at that precise moment in time.
"Please Jess, just listen to me," Conor pleaded. HA, he thinks I will ever listen to him.
"No, it's over. I can't cope with a long distance relationship and life is already stressful enough. Now if you don't mind, I want some sleep so leave!" I shouted showing of my inner bitch. He bowed his head and left my room swiftly trying not to make eye contact. Suddenly my phone buzzed.

'To JJ,
It's been a while since we spoke and we heard you went into hospital today. We need a girly day soon. Love you lots like Jelly Tots.
Lillie,Katie,Ali,Ash And Jay x'

I text back immediately planning a sleep over for tomorrow. Considering I had just broken up with my first serious boyfriend, I wasn't upset or depressed, I guess that means it was bound to happen soon. Now for a serious Conor detox and time I start my new life. I played my R5 music full blast from my dock while I danced around tidying my room and binning anything from Conor.
"No more teddies, I am a sophisticated young lady not a 5 year old," I told myself. After an hour or so, Nicola joined me.
"I love you Nic, don't even forget that even when you feel there is no one, I am always here for you," I reminded her, it was pretty deep considering that I said it to someone who probably doesn't understand half of what I'd said.

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