Headphones [Conor Maynard Fanfic]

Conor Maynard the UK's new teen heartthrob from Brighton and Jess the kind of person nobody pays any extra attention to. Could you image them two being best friends? Me neither. Somethings are destined to be but others aren't. Which is this friendship? {COMPLETED}


5. Chapter Five.

Conor Maynard Fanfic.

Life Sucks But There Is Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Chapter 5.


 I ran off and down to our old secret hide out, Conor soon caught on and followed shortly behind. "Can.We. Please.Stop.Running!" Conor panted after struggling to catch up. "Right now can I explain?" he asked not waiting for my response before continuing. "I didn't want to leave but...


"I didn't want to leave but I had no choice. My Mum got a call from parlophone saying they had heard one of my covers and wanted me to record an original song. That's why I left without any notice. I know nothing excuses what I did and believe me if I had a chance I would've stayed to see you and explain at the least." Conor explained as I nodded my head trying to take in everything he had just said. 

"I understand why you couldn't meet up with me but you had my number, you could have rang and explained! But since we are apologising I'm sorry about leaving yours earlier, everything just started getting to much: revision,school,stress and no offence but you." I replied.

"What do you mean me?" a very confused Conor asked.

"I mean you turned up out of no where and hearing your single. Thats the reason I was out of school, I heard your single and told everyone I was ill and they sent me home which is where I was going when I saw you the first time.  I'm sorry I caused all this shit for you. I'd just leave me if I were you, most people do." I said turning my back to run home until I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder turning me around. "Let go of me!" I whimpered trying not to cause a scene, but with neighbours like mine that is practically impossible.

"Jess! Wait-" Conor began.

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