Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


7. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7.

I wake up in Nialls arms, it might be wrong but I feel safe yet broken from last night as my body is all sore.

I feel Niall shuffle from above me as his eyes open and land right on me. "Good morning gorgeous" looks like lovey dovey Niall is back this morning.

"Good morning Niall" I whisper as my head nuzzles further into his neck. "How you feeling baby girl?"

He asks as he takes my chin in between his thumb and pointer finger and inspects my face "I'm alright just abit sore" I whisper again.

As I try to get up Niall stops me "where are you going?"

"I'm just gonna go shower Niall" as the words leave my mouth he stands right up.

"what the hell are you doing Niall" I ask as he comes over to me.

"There is no way I'm letting you walk until your ankle heals up" he answers while yet again picking me up.

"So your telling me that your gonna carry me around at school too?" I questioned.

"No, because your not going to school until you heal up" he said as I brushed my teeth.

"What! But my grades? I have never failed anything in my life horan!" I pointed the tooth brush at him as he chuckled.

"Don't worry, they'll e-mail it to you" he smirked.

After I brushed my teeth Niall left me to shower I slipped his shirt off me along with my underwear and had a nice warm shower, Niall was kind enough to cover up my cut with a plastic bag so it wouldn't sting.

I reached out for a towel and realized that there was none "NIALL!!!!!" I scram and I heard running and suddenly the door to the huge shower opened " you alright baby?" he said panting and now, wet as he was in the shower.

"Yea I'm alright" I said as our eyes met. "Niall I just needed a towel" I whisper as I cover up my body.

"Oh, I'm so sorry , I'll get it r-right n-now" he stutters as he leaves. I drop my hands to the sides still shocked at his reaction.

Moments later the bathroom door opens and I turn the shower off. I peek my head out and see Niall in only his boxers, showing off all his tattoos, with a towel around his neck and another in his hand. Niall spots me and starts walking to the shower door.

He opens the towel wide and says "c'mon I wont look" and closes his eyes and looks away. Aww so cute. NO not cute snap out of it!

I limp over to him and the wraps me in the towel like a burrito. "Niall what are you doing?" He looks at me and I can feel his breath on my face "I meant it when I said i'd take care you baby" he then kisses my forehead.

Niall once AGAIN carries me, I'm getting tired of this! he sets me down on my bed and leaves me to change. I put on short shorts just so my wound isn't covered up else it would hurt like a bitch and I pair it with a white oversized shirt. I limp out and I see breakfast and my stomach growls. I'm about to take a seat when I remember yesterday morning.

"Niall is this for me?" I shyly ask.

"Yes, of course love who else would it be for?"

"I just thought Naomi was here" I whisper and Niall tenses beside me.

"Just eat your fucking breakfast" he growls, walks away into his room and slams the door closed. I shouldn't have said anything. I mean he's been nothing but nice since now and I decide to fucking ruin it.

I take a seat and eat the breakfast. Absolutely delicious. I'm halfway through it when the door bell rings. I stand up and head to the door and open it.

Standing behind it is a boy with even more tattoos than Niall. he had curly hair and a muscular body. His eyes darted around my body making me feel uncomfortable.

"yes?" I ask and he snaps out of his thoughts "oh um uh is Niall here?".

"Yea he's in his room." he walks past me to Niall's door before stopping and looking at me "by the way I'm harry" he winks. stupid.

I walk back into the kitchen and continue savoring the delicious food Niall made me. Naomi is one lucky chic. After I'm full I discard the leftovers on my plate, rinse my dishes and put them in the dishwasher. i cover up the food so they don't get cold for when Niall wants to eat.

The door bell rings and I limp over to open it yet again but this time hoping its it one of Niall's Friends. I smile as I see Sam at the door, I reach out to give him a hug as but he pushes me back and storms in to the house. Confused i close the door and limp to him. "Sam you alright?" I ask him as he looks angry "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?" He screams at me. Startled I shakily reply " what are you talking about sam? I'm sorry but please keep it down".

"What am I talking about!? I've been trying to get in touch with you all say and when you phone finally answers some fucking guy answers?? We haven't even been together for a day and your already sleeping around you fucking slut!" he snaps.

Oh my, I think the guy from yesterday had taken my phone "Sam please you have to listen to me" I try to explain but he cuts me off. "Explain? explain what? how you fucked a guy after meeting me yesterday?". he was fuming. Why wouldn't he just listen?

"Sam ple-" I scream as he pushes me back "Sam stop" I try "No! you *push* think you can play me like that *push* well I got news for you princess *push* time to face consequences *push* with that last push I fall to the sofa and Sam hovers me and starts to kiss me.

Why me? assaulted twice? where was Niall during all this? did he not hear anything? "kiss me back!" Sam growls as I don't reply. He attempts to spank my bum but instead his palm makes contact with my thing hence the cut, the pain shoots through me as I scream "AHHHHHHHHH!!" I cry out loud "shut the fuck up" he snaps and smacks me yet again. "STOP! STOP! NIALL HELP MEEEE" i scream as loud as I can as I can feel blood gushing out from the bandage Niall had applied yesterday.

••Nialls P.O.V••. YAYY FINALLY!!

I'm sitting on my bed when my mate Harry walks through the door. I stand up and greet him with a 'man hug' "aye mate you alright" I ask "yea yea"

He takes a seat on my bet, "how come you didn't mention to us that your roommate is a damn hot bird" he chuckles and I feel a pang of jealousy at the put of my stomach "eh shit alright anyway did you bring the stuff" "of course man" he replies and reaches for his pocket and pulls out the transparent packet with the green plant it. "got it mate, where's the cash?" "Right one second". I get £50 from my drawer and hand it to him. being rich has its perks, I have more than enough money to fund for my addiction.

I head to the top of my closet and retrieve some already rolled 'marijuana' "Oi styles, want some?" I offer "yeah man" I grab some for myself and him. Just as I'm about to light it up I hear a loud scream "STOP! STOP! NIALL HELP MEEEE" oh my god, Quinn.

I rush out of my room and see that bastard on top of her and her thigh all bloody again. oh god not again. Shes been through so much on that thigh. Anger rises through my veins and I carry that bitch off of her. I immediately start throwing punches at him until his unconscious but I still don't stop, I only stop when I feel my self being carried "Niall stop it your going to kill him and your scaring her!" my curly friend freaks and points at Quinn. My temper dies down as I see Quinn with a frightened look on her face.

"Harry get him out and you can let yourself out aswell." he nods and carries the little shit out. When I'm sure he's gone I walk over to Q and carry her and she nuzzles her nose into my neck as she still sniffle with tears running down her face. I sit her down once again on the counter top and start changing her bandage.

Once I'm done I take a look at her tear stained face and my heart churns. How could someone do this to such an innocent girl. I wipe her tears away and lightly kiss her forehead. It hurts me to see we like this, I care for her so much but I know that she'd never fall for someone with an image like mine.

"Q?" I lightly lift her chin so she can look at me "I need you to tell me exactly what happened last night and what happened moments ago babygirl"






Authors Note:

Hey guys sorry for the l

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