Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


5. Chapter 5.

Chapter 5.

As Niall and I took heavy breaths I realize what we'd had just done. My eyes widened and I raced out of the bed to the toilet and just locked myself in there. And slid down to the floor.

I'd just had my first time with him.

Tears spilled from my eyes, I was embarrassed. I wanted to do this with someone I loved. I guess I can't blame him because I willingly did it. It just felt right at the time and I was just really attracted to him . Never would I ever let this happen ,yet, here I am and for some reason I don't regret it one bit.

There was a light knock on the door.

"Q, please open the door" Niall softly said.

I sighed we did need to talk about this. I picked myself off the ground and opened the door. He handed me a large hoodie that I presumed was his as I was only in his bed sheets. I hid behind the door as I slipped it on. Warm.

I stepped back out and Niall stood there with his head down, he put his hand out for me to take, I took it and he led me to the living room and he sat on the couch. It took me by surprise when he sat me on his couch. I look at him confused. He didn't say anything though, he cupped my cheek and pulled me in for a light peck. It only took that small meeting of our lips to make my tummy explode.

As he pulled away he said, "did you feel that too?" I nodded.

"Well it can't happen again and needs to be forgotten"

"What do you mean?" I say.

"I mean this" he motions between us "can never happen". He lifts me off his lap and heads to the front door and leaves. Just like that.

What just happened?


I was sitting in the living room in complete darkness waiting for Niall to comeback we did need to talk about this. I mean in a way he's right because we had sex out of the blue but still. I'm having a lot if trouble understanding him, I mean first he's all flirty and nice and then he's a complete asshole. All I want is answers. Its not like I have feelings for him trust me, I don't. But I want to know why the fuck he's so sensitive about this.

I hear keys ,he's finally home. I was about to stand up, turn on the light and talk to him but I immediately sat back down on the floor when I saw he wasn't alone. He and the blonde kissed until they got into him room and then I heard the door slam shut.

We he's fast at moving on. Good for him.

I stood up, turned on the lights and headed to the fridge after I realized how hungry I actually was.

I got my self some cheddar cheese, pork ham and butter and put em' in my croissant. I poured myself so orange juice and took a bite of the croissant. Damn that's good and the juice made it melt right in my mouth.

After I cleaned up I got my pajamas from the washed clothes basket on the kitchen and headed to the bathroom to change. I changed and headed to my room. I was so tired, I layer down on my bed and my eyes started closing when I heard banging coming from Nialls room. Lord seriously I'm so tired and this dick decided to get laid right now. just when I thought it was over I could hear moans and groans coming from Nialls room. Id had enough so I headed over to my closed and put some ear muffs on. Perfect.


I woke up at around 8 a.m on Sunday morning and headed directly to the shower knocking first just in case yesterday decided to repeat itself. I headed to the kitchen after dressing myself in a white collared shirt and blue high waisted skirt. I noticed Niall had made breakfast. Joy filled me as I saw bacon and eggs and sausages. Ugh my mouth watered, but my happiness soon left as last nights blonde walked in and I realized that this wasn't for me. It was for him and her.

"Aww Nialler-boo you made us breakfast." my nose scrunched up as he high pitched voice spoke. that is extremely annoying.

"Yes baby" baby? oh so that's what he uses for all his shags I see now.

I left the disturbing seen and went back into my room I decided in getting breakfast out so I put my white TOMS on, grab my purse and leave.

I walk all the way to 'SUBWAY" a its only a block away.

I enter the take away and get started on my sandwich. I order som Italian and herb bread with Chicken, bacon, lettuce and olives and ask the kind lady to sauce it up with some ketchup and southwest sauce. ALOT of southwest sauce.

As I move on to pay I notice the cashier is quite fit.

"That would be 3.54 pou- " he stops as he looks up at me and immediately smiles. " That will be 3.54 pounds and maybe your number gorgeous" he flirts.

If he wasn't so damn attractive I would've told him to shove something up his ass but instead I handed him the money and got the sharpie from my purse. I wrote down my number on his arm and left him with only a wink. I ate my subway on my way home and I regretted walking in because as soon as I did I saw Niall and Blonde bitch making out right at the door.

"Guys seriously at the door" i said in disgust. But they ignored me.

"Bye Niall" Blondie said as she shot me death glares.

"Bye Naomi see you tonight baby" ohh so that what the blonde's name was.

Tonight eh? gotta be a good shag for Niall to keep he for more than one day.

I walked past Niall into my room as I got started on some homework that had to be handed in tomorrow.

Halfway through the homework my phone beeped signaling I had a message.

To: Quinn

Hey there it's Sam.. From subway? Sorry I didn't catch your name gorgeous. xx

Oh so his name is Sam.

To: Sam

Oh hey. Neither did I but I'm guessing its Sam?;)

Mines Quinn btw:P

Hell yea I'm getting ma flirt on.

To :Quinn

Gorgeous name babe.

So I was wondering you wanna grab some dinner later on tonight?

Did he just ask me out? OMG OMG OMG Im gonna die.

To: Sam

I would actually love that.

To: Quinn

Alright, its a date then. Ill pick you up at around 8 just text me you address babe. xx


It was 7 when I started getting ready. He never told me where we where going to I went for casual yet formal. i wore a black dress I got from forever 21 with white writings and wore some black ankle boot wedges.

I decided to keep my hair straight but I made a small bob on top just to sexify it abit. I added simple make-up with pink lips and woila Im ready and right on cue I get a message.

To: Quinn

On my way up beautiful.

My heart flutters.

As I leave my room niall looks at me confused. "Where are you going?" He asks.

"On a date." I state bluntly.

You an almost see the rage in his eyes when the doorbell rings. I walk over to the from door and open it Sam it there with his hair in a Quiff , black top, skinny jeans and white supras. looking good boy!

Authors Note:

Well hello there I've just got an announcement to make ,just to give you an image about what my characters look like.

Quinn - Alexandra Daddario

Sam - Cameron Dallas

Naomi - Emily Attack

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