Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


4. Chapter 4.

Chapter 4.

As the stranger turned around i recognized him as niall. What even?

"What are you doing here niall?

"I live here"

"What do you mean you live here?"

"Our parents decided it was better for us to live together cause apparently your dad didn't want you alone"

I walk passed him and walked into a room.

"That's my room" Niall called out and i quickly left and entered the other one.

Yup this is definitely my room. absolutely gorgeous. I sat on my bed and dialled my dads number.

(Phone conversation Q- Quinn D- dad)

D- hello darling how are you settling in?

Q- alright but dad why is niall here?

D- well you mum and I decided that your too young to live on your own and Niall is a responsible young man so why not

Q- but dad noo

D- Quinn its already settled you staying with him and that's that

Q- fine

(End of phone call)

I stood up and went into Nialls room.

"Seeing as we have to live together let's set some ground rules here Horan" I said in my bossiest tone.

"Uhh okay" he said looking like a lost puppy aw how cute. What who said that? Not me..

"First of all you are not allowed in my room unless you knock and I give you permission, second you must help in cleaning, third no touching my things and finally seeing as there is only one bathroom I go first"

"What? Why do you go first?"

"Because I'm a girl and I'll always wake up first"

"Fucking fine" he scoffed.


"Whatever Q"

I suddenly remembered about dinner.



"What are we having for dinner I cant cook" I asked feeling slightly embarrassed.

"I don't know about you but I'm going out with friends" he said and walked out.

Bipolar much? at school he's all like 'baby this' and 'baby that' and now he doesn't give a crocodiles bum. Stupid.


Niall left a while ago with his 'friends' I unfortunately have no friends, I mean I have friends but they all moved away after college and I haven't made any at university yet.

At this point I am starving and as if planned a paper slides under the apartment door. I walk over and pick it up an it reads 'PAPPA JOHNS' apparently its a pizza place. my tummy growls at the thought of pizza and just to my luck its right downstairs. I call up the pizza place and order a rage pizza with sweet corn and jalapeño peppers cause you can make your own pizza here, I also ordered some garlic tomato sticks.

After about 10 mins I went downstairs to Pappa Johns, I rushed back to the apartment cause I was starving!

I took bite of the pizza and damn it was delicious! never tasted anything better. I ended up finishing everything including the sticks, luckily, my skirt was elastic else us be unbuttoning it right now. with difficulties in standing up. I walked over to the couch and sat down looking for thinks to watch on t.v. Nothing was on so I went on to Disney channel and saw Violetta was on. must be a new show.

By the end of the episode i was amazed by it even though the English was edited and the show was Argentinian it was awesome. And had some really hot guys. I really hope Violetta ends up with Thomas not Ludmila ending up with him but my favourite is Leon he's so darn charming even though he's a bum face in this sitcom.

After watching the Teen beach movie i heard the sound of keys and realized Niall was home he walked into the joint living room/kitchen.

"Wow what happened to you? You look fatter than when I left" he laughed.

I felt my eyes water as he said that. I ran passed him into my room, locked the door and just started crying. As stupid as I might look right now I don't care. I took Nialls comment to heart because I wasn't always this thin. I used to be chubby as a child and was constantly bullied about it. It hurt me that Niall said that . I don't know what his problem is he just starts lashing out for no reason.

I woke up on the floor with my neck on my bed. this was so uncomfortable. I checked the time it read 3:49 a.m. Man I'm tired. I got up , stripped down to my underwear and got under the sheets falling into a deep slumber. Luckily its Saturday tomorrow so I can sleep in.

I woke up at around 10:46 a.m. I decided to shower before Niall got up, I entered the bathroom, stripped and started brushed my teeth. See our toilet had a different connected room with a HUGE shower. I headed to the shower and entered it.

"AHHHH" Me and Niall both screamed we hurriedly left the shower and as we headed for the towel Niall slipped and fell on top of me.

I gasped as I felt his body supporting itself on mine. He looked directly into my eyes and I he. I found myself leaning in and he was as well when finally our lips touched. Sparks. Sparks everywhere.

The kiss got deeper and deeper when he picked up up from the floor and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist walked us into his bedroom and gently laid me down on his bed.

And rest is history:P

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