Nialls Girl(Niall Horan)

She's responsible and he's not, yet he is? Follow Quinn and Niall's journey as they try to figure out what they have together.


11. Chapter 10.

Chapter 10.

"Its so beautiful" I say as I look out of the window of the hotel car on our way to the Atlantis Hotel.

"Not as beautiful as you" he whispers hoping that I wouldn't hear, but I did.

The car comes to a stop as we pull up to the gorgeous infrastructure.

The chauffeur opens the door for us while while the bell men get the luggage inside. Niall and I, along with others from our class who arrived in other different cars.

We all enter the gorgeous hotel and standing in the middle of it is our headmaster, Mrs. Fitz (Pretty Little Liars WOOT WOOT..sorry).

"Hey guys welcome to Nassau, this is your week without walls provided by your very own Aston University." He paused. "All of you have been divided into twos which means that the person you have been placed with be your roommate throughout this week. The rooms are in the upper part of the hotel. Each room as 2 queen sized beds so no funny business. All your expenses aside from your shopping will be funded by the school. You are free to go where you want to with the help of the concierge."

"Now if you may, just line up at the front desk and give yours and your partners names and the receptionist will provide you with your room key. Have an amazing week student, you deserve it". An with that he was gone, bye bye hot teacher.

Niall and I hurried to the front desk so we wouldn't have to wait that long in line.

"Quinnsleigh Mayers and Niall Horan" Niall says to the receptionist.

"Middle names as well please" the lady kindly replies.

"Um Quinnsleigh Aribella Mayers and-" I look at Niall to continue as I have no idea what his middle name is.

"Niall James Horan" he nods.

"Here you go, Enjoy your stay at the Atlantis Hotel"

"Thank you we both reply."

Niall and I take the elevator to the second to last floor and arrive at our room.

I slide the card key near the door handle and the light flashes green signaling that it has been open. I open the door and gasp as I look at the room. It has three walls and the fourth one made completely out of windows. Cream walls and a blue carpet as a floor and two queen sized bed pushed against the wall with paintings hung above the bed.

I stand in front of the beds trying to see which one I wanna take.

"Q just choose one" Niall says as he rolls his eyes.

"But look if I choose the window then in the morning the sun will shine right on my face but if i choose the one next to the door then ill be the first victim if a thief decides to rob us, but yet again it closer to the door and I could run away first and its also closer to the bathroom. Yup I'm taking that one" I cheer as I start jumping on it.

"Q get down before you hurt yourself" Niall groans.

"Oh cmon you grump join me" I say as I keep jumping and squealing but stop when I feel someone pushing me down and I see Niall hovering me.

"Calm down" he chuckles as he holds my hands down and kisses my nose.

"Wanna go down o the beach" he says as he stands up.

"Yess lets gooo"

I grab my bikini and a cover up from my bag and I go to the bathroom. I strip down to nothing and put on sunscreen everywhere possible, I put on my strapless blue bikini and slip on the white fishnet cover up.

I get out of the bathroom and see Niall in his swimming trunks and a tank top with a towel over his shoulder. "Ready?" He says looking up at me.

"Yea let me just grab some stuff" I say as I grab my ray-ban sunglasses , my havaiana flip-flops and my large beach bag with all my necessities in it. "Leggo" I say as I head out of the door.

We sit at the bar as the music blares around the beach with teenagers around the world sipping drinks, tanning and dancing their drunk asses off.

"And what can I get you gorgeous" the, I must say quite attractive bartender flirts.

"Surprise me" I play along.

"Alright umm-" I take a look at his name tag "Jeremy" I smile which he gradually returns.

Minutes later he comes back with something I actually recognize as a 'tropical hooter'. "Great choice" I say.

"Hey so my shift actually just finished, wanna head over there" he points at the party behind me. Im about to politely decline as I feel like I'd be deceiving Niall but that goes away when I see him sticking his tongue down a chic's throat inside a cabana.

"Id love to"






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