My new life

Boarding school is not as easy as it seems, Enemy's are made, pranks are pulled, life at Blakesley boarding school is gonna be fun.


1. On the train

I am finally on the train to my new school, it’s a boarding school and I don’t know weather to be nervous or exited. Blakesley boarding school looks amazing but i don't know weather i will fit in. Everyone on the brochure looks really sporty and athletic. i'm more arty. i suppose ill be the odd one out.

I also wonder which house ill be in. I don't really mind which one though. The houses are Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, and ruby. 

I must have been in a daydream because i suddenly hear i voice saying,

"Are you okay?" 

"Yeah, i'm fine", i say "I was in a daydream"

"what about"?? she says

"Oh im just wondering about which house i will be in, they all sound nice", i say

"Yeah they do." she says

"which one are you hoping to be in"? i ask.

"I would like to be in amethyst because its my birthstone"

"Its my birthstone too" I say

"by the way i'm Skye", She says

"and i'm Lilia" i reply,

"Are you new this year"she asks me.

"Well Obviously", i laugh

"Some girls have been here longer, but i am new as well" she says

"so are you 11"? I ask

"yeah, are you"? she says

"Yeah". i answer

"I totally love your hairstyle" I say 

"Thanks, it only takes about 5 seconds to do, i have some hair stuff on me, do you want me to do yours"?

"Sure, Thanks!" I reply

She pulls out a hair band, and a big hair grip, then she puts my hair in a pony tail and clips my hair up with the grip.

"hair twins!" we course

"Hey keep it down over there!!" shouts a snobby girl at the other side of the train

"Yeah, what she said"says the snobby girls friend.

"Why are you being so mean"? i ask

"Why don't you shut your gob" the snobby replys

"Just shut up" Says skye.

"You cant tell the Camilla Jones to shut up" says the snobby girl

"Or The Scarlet mills"Says her friend

Skye and I just burst out laughing and instantly become best friends.


PS. Character contest. comment their Name,age, personality and any other important details about them. i will choose some of them to add in my story :)













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