Rejection (A Drapple Fanfic)

Broken-hearted and alone, Draco has been turned down by the girl he asked to the Yule Ball. He turns to apple for comfort, and finds everything he ever hoped for from a true love, however, he doesn't know how people will react to his new relationship...


1. Prologue

Cold, miserable, and alone, Draco wandered through the desolate corridors of Hogwarts with his head down, thinking. He had finally worked up the courage to ask Pansy Parkinson to the Yule Ball, and she had turned him down in front of everyone. He was ashamed; ashamed to have been rejected, and ashamed that he thought he stood a chance. She could at least have pretended she wanted to go, he thought, what with everyone watching. He was a laughing stock. 

Back in his dormitory, Draco lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. What would his friends think? Would there be rumors? And Pansy, whom he had loved since first year, would he lose her forever? All these questions and more span through his head, creating a dizzy, sick feeling that he wanted to shut out. But that was impossible. He would remember this day as long as he lived, as this was the day that his heart broke in two.

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