She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


31. You're to pure *unedited* [18 chapters left]


   I shot up, startled. My skin felt as a match had fell from the sky, straight onto my skin. It burned horribly and a thin layer of sweat covered my skin. I breathed in deeply, trying to contain my fear of what had happened. Tears collected in my brown eyes as I let them drop.

   I shook my head, "I will not cry, I will not cry." I whispered to myself set on convincing myself that it was true. Which it wasn't but it sure helped. None. Tears caused my hands to slip from my face, as I sniffed, tilting it back up.

   I want somebody here for me. Just once. But nobody is here for me. As always. My mother, father and Annabelle. Well, I'm sure we know what happened to them. Emma and Harry are across the country and Marcel and I aren't exactly on speaking terms.

   The idea of speaking to him sent shivers of thrills through my small body. I smiled, before it fell. What would happen? Would I ever hear the deep, raspy voice I so much adored? Would the sound of his English accent ever ring through my mind again, whenever he would whisper something to me. Would I ever hear his dirty little remarks again? Was it all gone for?

   One day. One day without Marcel and I was already questioning what I wanted. Then again, we had to look at this situation realistically....

   I have no fucking clue as to what I want.

   I'm sure solving a twist of a maze would be easier than me trying to entangle my life. I sat back against the headboard, pressing my head against the soft, plush material. There was surely cotton or something of the same feeling inside.

   Why was I thinking about cotton? At that moment I knew twenty-four hours without his love had driven me to absolute insanity. Twenty-four hours without him had torn each part of me seperate directions. I wanted to go back and tell him I love him but I just couldn't. I can't say those words anymore.

   Even the thought of not saying those words to Marcel made strangled sobs escape my lips. I heard Jakes footsteps near but I didnt bother to clean up. He was sweet and all but for now and forever, Marcel would be my one and only.

   "Ella? Are you okay?" Jake asked, flinging the door open as he came to sit beside me.

   "I can't. I just l-love..." I paused, trying to regain any breath I had lost.

   "I understand. Why don't you just go back to him? It's obvious you guys love and need each other!" Jake informed as I shook my head. I couldn't go back. If I did, every time I'd look at him the only thing I would see is a murderer.

   "I understand if you dont want to talk but I have a question. What happened that made you leave?"

   Could I defy Marcels secret like that? Could I spread the word and become the cruel ex-girlfriend? Or should I keep it between us because I know whats best.

   I couldn't decide. All that ran through my mind is how Annabelle had died at my hands. It was supposed to be a vacation. We had traveled to London and instead, I was the only one going back to California.

   Why couldn't Marcel had taken my life instead of Annabelles? She would be happier. She'd be alive.

   The thoughts to join her flooded my mind as my eyes widened. I couldn't start thinking about this. The more I did, the more tempting it was to take a knife to my heart.

   The temptation.

   I wanted nothing more than to plunge a knife into my heart. Escape all this worlds cruelty and be in heaven with my parents and best friend. Everything would be perfect. No more arguing, or stress.

   But then I'd leave Marcel. He'd cope with my death in the worst possible way. He'd return to who he was. One thing I couldn't let happen. Would I rather be happy and content for the rest of eternity, or would I rather live with pain and suffering but have Marcel by my side?

   The answer was obvious. I'd rather suffer with him but I just couldn't. I couldn't go back and prove once more how desperately I needed him.

   Although, maybe pretending that I'm going to gather my things would work. I could collect my belongings, and make sure he was coping. Then I'd be out. Reminisces from my nightmare flashed through my mind as I jumped at the sudden memories. Tears welled in my eyes as I let them fall. That one specific part.

   I could deal with everything else but that one part absolutely killed me.

   I had to witness Marcels death. Whats even worse? It was my fault he was dead. I watched the life fade from his eyes. I dont know what it feels like to watch everything disappear before you but thats what I imagined it to feel like.

   With the thought fresh in my mind, I hurried to put on proper clothes and run to the front door.

   "Be back soon!" I shouted as Jake replied with a faint okay. I thanked him mentally for not asking as to where I was headed. I ran outside, water sloshing beneath my shoes. For winter, it wasn't snowing much.   

   I didn't bother waiting for a bus. I ran to our house. It took a good twenty minutes but with my speed, I finally arrived. When I walked in, nothing could prepare me for what I saw. Everything was broken, and thrown around. Bottles of Vodka were crashed against the wall and multiple holes were penetrating the once whole wall.

   "M-Marcel?" I asked quietly, walking further into the house as I gently shut the door.

   I walked into the kitchen but there was nobody there. I turned around to walk back into the living room, screaming as I jumped back.

   "Marcel!" I exclaimed, holding my hand to my heart.

   "What?" He asked sternly, his eyes narrowed in disgust. I shook in fear, his breath fanning over my face. It smelled terribly of alcohol. 

   "A-Are you o-,"

   "What the fuck are you doing here?" He snapped as I flinched due to his tone.

   "I-I wanted to check in on you."

   "Aw how sweet but I've moved on. You should too! Desperateness isn't hot on anybody!" He chuckled menacingly, a smirk on his rosy lips.

   "Marcel. Don't do this to me." I pleaded, my eyes wide with terror.

   "I can do anything I want to do with you." He retorted as I sighed.

   "Please Marcel. Don't shut me out." I asked, as I eyed his hand. He brought the bottle of vodka up to his lips, taking large gulps of the liquid.

   "Stop drinking that!" I exclaimed, trying to reach for the bottle. He pulled it away from me, raising it high so I couldn't reach it. I stomped my foot in frustration, crossing my arms.

   "Give it to me Marcel!" I seethed, trying to grasp the bottle.

   "Why? Why can't you let me be who I am! I was ruthless before you and I still should be!" He spat but the next thing he spoke was almost to soft for his demeanor, "You're to pure for me."

   I let my lips fall apart as I looked up into his sparkling green eyes.

   "Marcel. I'm just as evil as you. For God's sake, I murdered three people!" I thought back to the particular moments. I took three lives. I took the soul away from somebody.

   "They had every reason to die! I killed people for my own laugh! I killed innocent girls for fun! I'm repulsive! I'm evil! I'm dark." He spoke through gritted teeth, his face inches from mine. His eyes soften as his hand carressed the curve of my jaw.

   "But I couldn't hurt you. I'd rather kill myself than hurt you." He whispered, his eyes searching mine. For a moment I thought he had sobered up but soon after, I was proven wrong. 

   "Which is why I'm glad you left! I can't corrupt you more than I have!" He laughed, taking another swig. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the liquid enter his mouth.

   "You haven't corrupted me Mar-," I was interrupted by the now empty bottle shattering against the wall. I screamed, small shards of glass cutting my skin.

   "GOD DAMN IT! I'VE FUCKING CORRUPTED YOU! YOU WASTED YOUR TIME WITH ME! IM A FUCK UP AND EVERYTIME YOUVE THOUGHT IVE CHANGED I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE A BETTER PERSON FOR YOU! BUT I CAN'T BE A BETTER PERSON! IM DARK GABRIELLA. DARK!" He shouted, the muscles in his arm tightening as he clenched his fist. The veins in his throat popped as he yelled, his voice loud and deep.

   Dark. The one thing he thought he was. He had a hard life. He wasn't always like this and I had proof. 

   "What would the old you think of this?"

   "I dont give a fuck! I'm not him anymore! I'm me! I told you not to let it effect you and you did!" He yelled, the granite cracking beneath his fist which had slammed down against the counter. That must've been painful.

   "YOU KILLED THE THREE PEOPLE I LOVED THE MOST! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?" I shouted as loud as I could, tears falling onto the ground.

   "I'm sorry...God! I should have never suggested to move! I hate this place." He spoke in anger, sending his fist towards the glass cabinets which shattered. I yelped in pain as the sharp pieces rained down on my skin, some sticking in the flesh. 

   "Marcel! Do you not see how much youre hurting her?" A voice spoke as I gasped turning around. Harry stood in the doorway, and I was grateful to see him. 

   "Who gives a fuck? Leave Gabriella!" Marcel shouted, turning towards me as I was pushed towards Harry. I stumbled over the glass, gaining my balance. 

   "You know the one thing you said you'd never do? Hurt her! And look what youre doing!" Harry shouted, hurrying towards Marcel as he took his arm, slamming him against the fridge. 

   "Get the fuck away from me!" Marcel cursed, pushing Harry so that his back slammed against the counter. That must have hurt.

   "She doesn't need me and God believe me when I say I sure as hell don't need her!" Marcel retorted as tears prickled my eyes. I dont want to know why Harry was here, I was just happy he was.

   Seconds later, Marcel was holding his hand to his bloody nose, Harry shaking his fist.

   "Did you fucking punch me?" Marcel exclaimed in shock as his eyes darkened. 

   I wanted to stop them, I really did but blood trickled down my body making it hard for me to move.




Sorry this sucks but I wanted to get something up :) ANy ideas for the trilogy name? O.o ha love you guys ♥




If you read this all comment a title for the trilogy :) x

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