She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


22. Where I belong


   "And this...oh, we have to have chocolate!" I exclaimed, throwing every type of ice cream into the cart which Jake pushed with difficulty. The whole time, visions of Emma and I stocking up on ice cream filled my mind. I ignored them, Jake looking at me oddly as I got two more packages of ice cream.

   "Do you think you have enough?" Jake said sarcastically, laughing as I blushed, my cheeks redder than a beet.

   "I'm sorry, but I suck at handling these types of situations. In order to keep myself from going crazy, I need to stock up on junk food, tea, tissues and movies!" I laughed, my eyes still red and puffy from crying. He nodded understandingly, as we navigated our way towards the electronic section. Let's just say, I definitely had a growing collection of movies. As Jake shopped for himself, I looked through all the DVD's I got. Lord...

   ~Despicable Me

   ~Despicable Me 2

   ~Love Actually

   ~Mean girls


   ~Romeo and Juliet

   ~The Breakup

   ~The Last Song

   And well, you get the idea. I laughed lightly to myself, setting them all back in as we finished shopping, checking everything out. It was quickly placed into the cart, the bags rustling together as I pushed the cart out, Jake wrapping his arms around me from behind me.

   "Let's hurry home and finish what we started..." He whispered in my ear, leaving a small kiss on my jaw as I nodded, hurrying to the car. We quickly stocked everything into the trunk, pushing the cart away as we got into the car, Jake driving away from the store.




   "Now where were we.." Jake mumbled, pressing his lips to me as both of our shorts were slipped over our heads, being discarded towards the ground.

   His hands reached beneath my thighs, lifting me up as I wrapped my legs around his torso, never once breaking the kiss. Before you could imagine, I was carried into the guest room, my eyes shut in pleasure.

   I heard Jake gasp, my eyes opening as I pulled away, looking behind me. I followed Jake's pursuit, gasping as my eyes widened. Jake let me down as I gently moved strings from my path, looking down at the pictures taped to the end.


   "Oh my God..." I whispered, tears springing to my eyes as I admired the project in it's entirety. They were pictures of Marcel and I, different colorful balloons suspended from them. H-Had Marcel done this?

   "Is and whats his name?" Jake asked as I smiled, biting down on my lip as I nodded.

   "Yes.." I sighed happily, admiring every picture I had forced him to take with me.

   "Do you still love him?" Jake asked as I froze, letting the picture I held drop from my hands, bobbing up and down until it stilled floating in the air.

   "To be honest? Yes, more than anything in the world but I know this break is for the best!" I admitted, sitting on the corner of my bed as I rested my elbows on my knees.

   "If you truly love him, you shouldn't let him being insecure about your relationship destroy what you to have. I'll admit I think you're fucking beautiful but I see what you two have and not very many couples have that. Go preserve that light you guys have, don't let it die out!" Jake advised as I looked up at him, tears in my eyes.

   "I'm sorry, if Marcel and I never would have met maybe things would have been different with us bu-,"

   "It's okay, I understand!"

   "Thank you Jake, thank you so much!" I praised, leaving one more kiss on his lips as I left everything in that room, rushing out of his house as I found a bus. Now let me tell you, wearing Marcel's sweater and some shorts wasn't the best idea. Care to know why? Half way through the ride it began pouring down rain.

   Eventually the bus arrived at the corner Marcel's- our, house sat on. I pulled down on the yellow string, the driver pulling over as I got up, thanking him and sighing as I looked at the weather. No hood, no anything. Oh well.

   With one more deep breath, I dashed out into the rain, running into the driveway as I was already completely soaked.

   I stopped about half way into the driveway, simply admiring the house in it's whole. Every room was dark, the branches of every tree swaying violently with how hard the rain was pounding down. A sudden light shocked me, as my eyes adjusted. The living room light had been turned on. I saw a shadow through the curtains and soon enough to door swung open. Marcel looked to the left and right before his eyes landed on me.

   I offered him a weak smile as his eyes widening, brightening. 

   "Ella?" I heard him shout over the rain as I nodded, my wet hair sticking to my skin, the material of Marcel's sweater, clinging to my arms.

   "Marcel." I smiled, tears running down my face as he ran from the door, finally reaching me as I was picked up in his arms. I embraced him tighter, his arms swinging me around as I laughed, my feet finally settling on the ground.

   "You came back." Marcel stated, looking down at me as I nodded, the smile obvious on my face.

   "I'll always come back Marcel." I agreed, pressing my lips to his as his arms snaked around my waist, holding me as close as possible. My arms found their way around his neck as I pulled him even closer.

   "I love you Marcel, oh and did you do that balloon thing in my room?" I asked, my lips mere centimeters away from his.

   "Yes I did and I love you to angel, forever and always." He mumbled before pressing his lips back against mine.

   It felt amazing to know where you belong.





hey guys, sorry this sucks but im in a rush and the tv is distracting me :/ anywho, hope you enjoyed and Merry Early Christmas, and a happy holidays :) x I love you all so much and Ill do a long, good chapter either tomorrow or christmas as a present to you guys :) x Love you ♥




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