She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


2. The awkward air -explicit content-

Chapter 1



   What's going on? A bright light was glowing in my eyes as I squinted my eyelids, hesitantly opening them. The familiar setting of my bedroom laid out before me as I quickly sat up. I immediately regretted my decision, my body falling back down under the pain I was experiencing. I looked around, cocking my eyebrows in confusion.

   I...I had thought Marcel come back! Was I simply dreaming? Was the grim reality the same as before. Or even I dead? I began panicking as my bathroom door opened as my head snapped forward.

   A smile possessed my lips as I admired the male before me. I wasn't dreaming. Marcel was truly back.

   "M-Marcel?" I croaked happily as he smiled, walking over to me and indenting the mattress where he sat beside me.

   "It's been a long time, hasn't it babe?" He chuckled as I slowly nodded my head, careful not to flare up the current headache I held within me. Tears flooded my eyes as Marcel looked down concerned at me.

   "What's the matter? Aren't you happy I'm back?" He asked, hurt beginning to lace through his voice. I nodded my head, quickly ignoring the pounding in my skull.

   "They're tears of happiness!" I smiled as Marcel repeated my action. Silence settled between us but something was different.

   Normally when we were beside each other in silence, it was relaxing and we would typically be cuddling or something along those lines. This silence. This silence was plain awkward and so silent it was almost deafening.

   "Thi-This is awkward right?" He asked as I nodded my head, my eyes widening.

   "I'm afraid so!" I replied, looking down at my hands. I had truly missed Marcel but I was so convinced I was never going to see him again that I never prepared myself for if I would have. Which I did...and now I'm not ready.

   "I'm so sorry this happened! I shouldn't have gone and treated you like an object that one day! I just got jealous about Harry kissing you. It might have been on the head but...nobody understands..." He spoke, ending his sentence as his forehead was set his palms, silence once more lingering.

   "Marcel. I over reacted. It's all my fault! You told me you heard everything I said...then tell me this. What did I say about being treated like an object by you?" I asked, resting my hand on his shoulder as I remembered the warmth of his skin against mine.

   "You said that if being an object is what it takes to be with me than you'd spend your whole life being my object..." He chuckled, lifting his head. I looked him in the eye as I observed that same twinkle they held like when we first met.

   "I meant it Marcel...I really did!" I spoke, pressing my lips gently to his as both of his hands reached up to caress my cheeks. He kissed me like he didn't want to hurt me, like I was fragile. I smiled, my arms wrapping around his neck as I twirled a curl around my index finger, slightly tugging at it which earned me a moan.

   "I forgot how much of a tease you were." Marcel mumbled against my lips as I giggled, his tongue tracing my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I happily allowed him any access he wanted as his tongue and mine fought for the throne.

   His hands spread across my back, supporting me into the kiss as I was laid down onto the bed. I was about to pull his shirt off when I stopped, resting my head against his broad chest.

   "Are you okay?" He asked worried as I nodded.

   "I'm still recovering, it's not the best time!" I spoke, embarrassment flaming on my skin.

   "I'm sorry..." He apologized as I playfully rolled my eyes.

   "You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about!" I spoke as I intertwined our hands, pulling him down as our lips met once more. I left him a few more pecks before I opened my eyes, his green irises staring back into mine.

   "Why'd you come back?" I asked, the thought randomly exiting my lips before I could stop it. Marcel looked at me confused before smiling, leaving a peck on the corner of my lip.

   "Ella. You are my one and only. I could never leave you no matter how hard I tried! Being away from you so long hurt me. I was constantly wondering if you were okay and if you had moved on. Eventually it became to much and I came back...well, of course with trouble but I still made it here in time!" He spoke, leaving small kisses randomly throughout his small speech. I smiled, my heart warming as I continued asking questions.

   "What trouble?" I asked, sitting up as Marcel sighed.

   "Dylan had found me. He wanted me to watch you live a painful, slow death and I hated him for that! I'd rather I die than see you so hurt let alone dead! He had trapped me in a warehouse and I was forced to watch you through a sort of jumbo tron. That's how I heard everything. The screen switched to a different camera and I saw Ryder pulling a knife out in your bedroom. I knew then and there I had to get out and save you, so mustering all the strength I could, I beat the door down rushing for you immediately!" He smiled as I rubbed circles on the palm of his hand with my thumb.

   "Dylan...of course." I muttered as Marcel slightly chuckled.

   "Ella..." He spoke as I looked him in the eye,

   "Yeah?" I responded, biting my lip as I admired the side of his face.

   "Did you really, arrested?" He asked as I sighed, falling back into my pillows.

   Marcel turned to look at me as I rolled my eyes, pulling his arm signaling that I wanted him to lay beside me. He happily complied, pulling off all his clothes until he remained in boxers. He climbed in beside me, patting his chest as I cuddled closer to him, still keeping a distance so I could look at him.

   "Yes..." I admitted shamefully. I stuck with the short answer knowing if I said anything else, I'd say the wrong thing that would provoke Marcel.

   "What happened?" He asked, his hand stroking my hair as I leaned into his touch.

   "Oh, uh nothing!" I spoke, putting a fake smile on my lips. Marcel knew I was fibbing but he left the topic alone.

   "Ella...just know that I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did! I did stupid things that landed me in stupid places and I don't want to see something like that change you, okay?" He asked as I nodded, wrapping my arms tighter around his torso.

   "So, I'm assuming since I'm not in the hospital that the damage done to me isn't that bad?" I spoke, turning it into a question as Marcel, lifted his shirt up which still clung to my body.

   "Bruising. No signs of anything broken. As for you gagging up blood. It was just a reaction from your stomach being overwhelmed, it was nothing fatal." He reported as I nodded, thankful to hear the news.

   "Ella...I can't hold off. I haven't been able to touch or kiss you in two months!" Marcel begged as I smiled, nodding my head like an idiot. Marcel sighed in relief, finding my hand as he gave it a squeeze.

   "I love you, I missed you, I need you!" He spoke quietly, placing my hand over to bulge in his boxers as I nodded in understanding.

   Our lips were hastily pressed together as my fingers twirled through his hair, ever so gently tugging at it. Moans left his lips, turning me on as he flipped us over so that he hovered over me.    His hand reached beneath the shirt I wore, gently massaging the skin around my bruises. His hands worked their way up finding my breast as he cupped them. I moaned into the kiss as he began massaging one, letting his free hand find the clasp to my bra. I heard a snap, knowing he had unfastened it.

   Marcel had quickly pulled his shirt off of me, not wasting any time with my bra. He smiled, biting his lip as he began trailing kisses down my jawline, scattering some across my neck as he began sucking at the skin. I tried to suppress a moan but he found my sweet spot, nibbling at the skin as his tongue traced over it. He released the already bruising skin, his warm breathe fanning over the newly branded skin.

   He worked his way down, kissing the valley between my breast as he cupped one, lightly massaging it. His mouth went to work on my other, his lips pressing over it as he took my breast, his tongue swirling around it. I bit my lip in pleasure as his lips moved lower, kisses left randomly across my stomach, light as a feather once he reached my bruises.

   Before I knew it, he had pulled my jeans down, kisses left on the inside of my thigh as his hot breathe sent chills up my spine. He reached the highest he could get before looping his finger through the material of my underwear, pulling them down as I was fully exposed.

   "Every part of you is beautiful. Always has been, always will be!" Marcel spoke, his lips tickling my thigh as he talked before a kiss was placed over my clit.

   Butterflies erupted in my stomach as he licked a bold stripe, my senses going berserk. Earning a gasp from me, his tongue darted in me, quickly flicking in and out. I arched my back in pleasure, Marcel holding me beneath my bum with his hands.

   "You're wet!" Marcel smirked as my cheeks reddened in realization.

   He continued to give his tongue access but soon after I lost that amazing feeling. Instead, he trailed his finger up my thigh, teasing me as he rubbed over the sensitive skin.

   "M-Marcel," I gasped, my need for him growing. He nodded, slowly thrusting his finger in me as a zoo of animals went on stampede within the confinements of my stomach. Before I knew it he was quickly pumping two fingers in and out of me at a quick rate. I moaned his he bent his fingers, repeatedly hitting my g-spot. Words couldn't explain how amazing he made me feel. Last, he added a third finger my back arching higher as I bit my lip, clenching the sheet. His lips pressed against mine as I lost myself in the kiss.

   After a few moments, his fingers slipped from me as he licked them clean.

   "You taste delicious!" He spoke, his voice deep and raspy.

   "Marcel, I need you...stop wasting time." I ranted impatiently as I was quick to remove his boxers, letting his erection hang loose.

   Marcel closed his eyes as I took his member in my hands, slowly pumping it. He bit his lips, supporting himself on his arms above me. I flipped him over so that I hovered, starting at his lips as I kissed down his toned chest full of tattoos.

   "I love your tattoos!" I smiled as he slightly chuckled.

   "I'm thinking of getting rid of the butterfly!" He spoke honestly as my eyebrows perched.

   "I wouldn't be able to do this," I paused, my tongue tracing over the ink lines.

   "Never mind!" He was quick to correct as I smirked, continuing.

   "Or this..." I continued leaving kisses scattered among the large tattoo before I stopped knowing how it felt to be teased, I continued my way down as I reached his thighs, taking his member in my hand as I took in as much as I could. The rest I couldn't fit was easily pumped with my fingers as Marcel moaned, his fist hitting the mattress. I let him slip, reaching back up to his lips as I left a kiss.    


     "That's it!" Marcel groaned as he flipped me over, hovering over me as he reached for a condom. Supporting himself with one arm, he ripped the package open, the condom falling onto his hand. He quickly rolled it all the way up before lining up with me. I felt his tip brush over me as I took deep breaths to calm myself.

   "Are you ready?" he spoke as I nodded, Marcel gently thrusting into me. I gasped, my fingers digging into his back as he stayed still. He let me accustom to his size before pushing all the way in, my nails digging deeper. Once he made sure I was okay, he began slowly thrusting, each push a tease.

   "Marcel faster....please." I begged as he nodded, speeding up. My nails dragged down his back as I felt the raw skin.

   Marcel's speed increased as I arched my back in pure pleasure, the feeling to overwhelming. His thumb rubbed circles on my thigh as he continuously thrusted in and out of me.

   "M-Marcel, I'm g-going to..." I spoke, stuttering as I was unable to complete my sentence.

   "Let go for me beautiful!" He spoke as I nodded, letting myself go. Seconds later, Marcel's warm liquid filled the condom as he pulled out, falling limp beside me.

   "It may have been two months but you're still amazing!" Marcel spoke, leaving a sloppy kiss on my lips as he pulled me close to him so that we cuddled.

   "I love you!" Marcel spoke as I smiled, appreciative to hear those words.

   "I love you to!" I spoke, closing my eyes and waiting until I fell asleep in the arms of the boy I loved.





Hey guys :) So first chapter. It's a bit odd to start it off like this but come on! They haven't seen each other in two months and we all know they had lives :) xx Anyways I hope you enjoyed and expect some drama soon ;) byee :D Xx


if you read this all comment 'im so happy the sequel is out!'.

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