She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


6. Please Don't

Chapter 5


Ellas POV


   "Maybe I wanted to be dead..." I uttered monotonously as I immediately regretted the words that had forcefully exited my lips. I kept my eyes dull and lifeless, knowing that's how I felt. I'm happy to be alive but...why couldn't I be dead? Drama wouldn't exist and I could live peacefully. 

   Marcel hovered over me, stroking my arm, relaxing my muscles. I never knew drowning could be so painful. Even when you think you're dead, you're still experiencing the pain, over and over again.

   I felt tears from Marcel's emerald eyes splosh onto my cheek as tears of my own collected together. It had me distraught how upset he was but I can't just forget what he had told me. It would have been better if I just lost my memory. I wouldn't remember any of our relationship and I'd be free of all this heartbreak. What are you saying Ella? No matter how far I wanted to be from Marcel, he was like a magnet pulling me in and I only sped up the process by running towards him.

   "Ella...I was about to kill myself just so we could be together, doesn't that earn me anything?" He mumbled quietly as my eyes widened. I used my arms to push me onto my feet, Marcel following my pursuit.  I turned to face him, my hand slapping itself against his cheek. His head snapped to his left as he brought his hand up, rubbing the skin.

   "Not what I meant!" He contradicted as I rolled my eyes, grasping him by the arms and pushing him against the panels of my house.

   "You listen now. I fucking hate you and I want nothing to do with you but don't ever hurt yourself because of me. No matter how much I hate you right now I would rather see myself dead any day as opposed to you!" I snarled, my face inches from his. If only I were as tall as him.

   "Answer this question. If I would have died, what would you have done?" Marcel smirked as a small chuckle exited his lips.

   "I-," I started before ending. The smirk held everything. He knew I would have done the same thing and that's exactly why he asked me this question.

   "Exactly, so you can't really be mad at me!" Marcel spoke, not letting me finish gathering my thoughts. Who am I kidding. I knew exactly what I wanted to say and do. I wanted to tell him he would never die because if someone were to point a gun at him I would step in front of the bullet in a heart beat.

   "Okay, I'm mad about the other two things!" I aforementioned, making sure he remembered how truly angry I was about this topic.

   "Listen Ella, sit down!" Marcel began, taking my wrist in his expansive hand as he led me to the patio table. I did as he had told me to, folding my legs together, waiting for the argument he had to invalidate my point.

   "That night I got drunk. I did take her home but we never...did it. We were close but then I realized something. She might have been fairly good looking but nothing about her compared to your beauty. If I was going to deal with the pain of losing you, it wasn't going to be by cheating on you!" Marcel spoke as my anger had slightly been elevated.

   It felt good to know they didn't go as far as Marcel and I constantly do.

   "Yeah, we kissed. Yeah I ended up in only my boxes...her only in her undergarments but nothing else happened. I technically only kissed her and while it's still cheating I just want you to know how little we did!" Marcel had spoken, his eyes pleaded as I sighed, rolling my eyes.

   "How about moving?" I asked, not wanting to bring up the sore subject but wanting to know the answers.

   "We aren't really moving. Dylan...he had threatened to kill you if I didn't go undercover. I thought I had to go through with it but as of now I'd rather stay with you and fight then leave you in his hands!" Marcel spoke as my eyes narrowed, glaring at nothing in particular.

   "Dylan..." I spat, Marcel looking at me confusedly.

   "Ella, what are you doing?" he asked concerned as I harshly pushed my chair back, walking towards the balcony.

   "Stay here and I mean it!" I demanded, heading up into my bedroom. I pulled off my wet undergarments, replacing them with fresh dry ones. Next I squeezed into some white skinny jeans, pulling my black combat boots over it. Last I pulled on a yellow tank top with a black leather jacket adorning it.

   I smiled at what I could see of my reflection, finding my hand gun and hiding it in my boot. I walked out of my room, down the stairs and right through the front door, leaving Marcel confused.

   "Where would Dylan be?" I muttered to myself as my brain switched into thinking gear. I got it! The warehouse he had trapped Marcel in. Considering there was only one warehouse in our town, it wasn't difficult to find.

   It took a good twenty minutes until I arrived there but once I did, I was glad I went through the long amount of exercise. I pulled the jacket more snug towards my body as the cold air began blowing. I looked over to the entrance where, like Marcel had explained, the door was missing, torn off it's hinges. Making sure my feet were quiet, I sneakily tiptoed up beside the door, peeking in. No signs of existence. 

   I carefully walked in as I let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I squinted my eyes in attempt to find anybody that could potentially be hiding. I heard a shuffling as I brought my knee up, preparing to grab my gun if needed.

   Before I knew it, bright lights flashed on as Dylan and one more guy walked out. Wait, there's only one more guy? Psh, this is going to be easy!

   "Put down the gun angel, there's no need for that!" He smirked as I rolled my eyes, tucking it into the waist of my jeans.

   "So why'd you come? Finally get rid of Marcel?" He smiled diabolically as my muscles tensed. I glared at him, ready to attack.

   "No, finally getting rid of you!" I snapped as he chuckled, his laugh echoing through the empty space.

   "I wouldn't do that, Marcel might meet an untimely accident!" Dylan spoke, knowing those words would affect me. Just not in the way he suspected. I had him pinned against the wall, my eyes glaring into his as my gun was pointed at his partner.

   "One word. One movement. One sound and I pull the trigger!" I smirked as his eyes widened. Without another word I pulled the trigger, hearing a groan of pain as a body collapsed to the floor.

   "I didn't say anything!" Dylan fought, attempting to escape my grasp.

   "Oops," I said unapologetically as he glared straight at me. I was suddenly pushed back as I landed on my bum, the ground's impact earning a groan of pain from my slightly parted lips.

   Dylan pulled out a gun of his own as I rolled my eyes, getting up and dusting off my pants.

   "Hm, I wonder how Marcel would look like if he burned in a fire!" Dylan taunted as the anger flamed within me. I was quick to pin him to the wall, the gun pointed straight at his temple.

   "Ella. Do not pull that trigger. Don't make the mistakes I did. I told you this!" Marcel's voice suddenly spoke as I resisted the urge to look at him. Keep your eyes on the prey Ella.

   "Come on, shoot me!" Dylan challenged as Marcel contradicted him. They continuously spoke the opposite of each other before my action silenced them both. I had pulled the trigger. Dylan's face was shocked before his body fell limp onto my ground beside me, blood splattering my cheeks.

   I looked over at Marcel who wore the same shocked expression. I-I killed two people.


Marcels POV


   I looked at her in disbelief, my heart racing. She had killed two people. Once she recovered from the anger there was absolutely no way she would cope with the guilt. I scratched my head, rushing over to her aid.

   "'re becoming me and that's somebody I want to keep you far from!" I warned as she shrugged her shoulders, sweeping my hands off her shoulder.

   "Two months Marcel. I had to grow up some how!" She spoke emotionless as my eyes widened in realization. We had always leaned on each other and I always protected her. Without me there she had to learn to defend herself.

   "Ella. Stop this, you're going to be stuck in these ways! The pleasure of seeing somebody you hate will be with you for a short period than guilt will soon replace it!" I warned, hoping I could get her back to normal.

   "Oh well..." She replied as I took deep breaths.

   "At least try and go back to being who you were. I'll help you..." I paused, pressing her soft lips to mine in a sweet slow kiss.

   "Please?" I finished as she looked up into my eyes.

   "Fine..." She sighed, dropping the gun as I took my thumb, wiping the blood from her face.

   "As long as were done there's something I need to say..." Ella started, sighing than taking a large gulp of breath.

   "I can't believe I killed two people!" She cried, her body close to collapsing before I caught her, sweeping her up bridal styles as her head snuggled into my chest causing my heart to beat wildly.

   I picked up the gun, putting it in my pocket as I kicked their dead bodies over to a dark corner. I carried Ella out, walking quickly to escape the nippy air.

   We arrived at her house as I unlocked the door, swinging it open and passing through it. I bumped it close with my hip,venturing up to her room as I laid her on the bed. I stripped her from her clothes, attempting not to rip the rest of her clothes off and brand her as mine...again.

   I found some leggings, taking one of my t-shirts before heading back over to her shivering frame. This, my love, would be called guilt. I pulled the leggings up her frozen legs, making sure they were snug and fit.

   I prepared the t-shirt, looping it on my arm as I left a kiss on her cheek, neck and the valley between her breasts. Her breathing became uneven as I licked a stripe up her cleavage. It led up to her neck where I was soon sucking and nibbling on a spot of skin, knowing the blood was currently rising.

   I pulled away, pulling the t-shirt over her head as she glared at me.

   "Tease..." She muttered as I chuckled.

   "I call it payback!" I smirked, pressing my lips to hers, soon laying beside her as we cuddled, not sleeping but simply cuddling. No words were exchanged although none needed to be. We were here in each others arms. 

   That's all that mattered.




Hey guys, what did you think? Here you read a bit of the change of sweet Ella to this new ella that throughout the book, Marcel was to change back before she causes complete destruction ;) Okay, so comment any ideas down below, love you <3 Bye :D Xx




if you read this all comment 'Dylan is finally gone!'.

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