She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


47. If only [2 chapters left]

Marcels PoV


  I soon pushed her from the bedroom and she left without another word. Although the transition wasn't easy. I was forced to carry her to her car due to her inability to talk after our...little session. I sighed in relief once her car had pulled from the driveway. I wonder how she would get into her house. Oh well, that's her problem now, not mine. I hurried back inside, and turning towards the kitchen. I found my secret stash of alcohol, taking the first bottle as I popped the lid off, the flying piece of metal hitting the wall before falling to the ground.

   I turned the glass in my hand, trying to find the label as to what alcohol this was. Tequila. I shrugged, taking a large gulp of the liquid as it slithered down my throat. I swallowed the load, soon finishing the bottle. After my third largely sized bottle, my vision began blurring. I stumbled as I walked as laughs left my lips uncontrollably.

   Oh, the next bottle was Vodka. How nice. I popped the lid off, quickly consuming the liquid. This couldn't be healthy. Not one bit but not one part of me. Let me pass out and forget the past year of my life. Let me wake up, not knowing who the fuck Ella was. I'd forget her golden eyes. The curve of her torso. Her full, plump lips and the moans the left her lips each time I would slam into-, okay I've never had to move on but I'm sure this isn't how you do it. 

   The edges of my vision began blackening and I knew I was on my way out. My stomach turned, and my body ached. I wanted a place to yell...scream. Let out all my gathering frustration. Instead, I kept it inside, because nobody needed to hear my God damn fucking problems. I had a girl problem, boohoo. She just messed with my head and played with my heart.

   Another girl and I'd find the next one soon. I know I had thought it a billion times but I needed to reconfirm my theory. She was a one night stand, a good eight months two long lasted. She was fun in bed, God was she but that was all and it's about time I tossed her. Right? Who needs a beautiful, innocent perfect girl in his life when I can have some pink haired, bimbo who falls down by carrying an empty purse. The second option is much more pleasing. Or maybe it's the alcohol talking but with either, I was completely fine.

   I pushed myself onto the island counter and soon after, my eyes adverted to the stack, hidden beneath the cushion on the couch. I perched my eyebrows, jumping off and heading over to where the corner peeked from beneath the material. I pulled on it, and a pile of paper pulled out and fluttered to the ground. I forwarded my eyebrows, crouching down as I picked everything up. Handwriting was scribbled across them all. There had to be hundreds of papers! Once I gathered them, the realization dawned on me as I read through them. Ella had written a single page every single day we've been together. It's been a record of our relationship.

   It took hours but I finally read through every memory. Smiling at the sweet ones, angered by the horrid ones. It just reminded me of every wrong thing I've done. There were ink smudges over several pages and it was obvious they were tears which had fallen onto the page. 

   As much as I wanted to hold her and apologize for everything, I couldn't. She was obsessive. She treated our relationship like an experiment. That was my theory. There we go, it works right?

   I rolled my eyes, taking the papers and ripping them to shreds. I threw them up into the air as they rained down, littering the floor with tiny pieces of paper. I laughed, desperate to see her heartbroken reaction. I wanted to see the tears. I wanted to cause them.

   It's the alcohol, pull it together!

  I took her picture from the fridge, tearing it into tiny pieces. No memories nothing. Sure it was the only copy of that photo and I could never get it back but I didn't want to. I didn't need to see her painfully perfect face.

   I watched in joy as the pieces fell to the floor in front of my feet, scattering variously.

   Good. It's gone.

   Every picture of her, I tore up into small pieces, letting the floor cover in hundreds of small pieces. It looked like small pieces of confetti, not the remains of Ella. Well, photos of her.

   I stomped on them, smashing them into the ground. I finished and only one picture remained, clinging to the fridge surface. I sighed, pulling it from it's hold. I couldn't destroy this one. I couldn't. It was my favorite, with both us two.

   I remember when she had forced me to take it. I had hated the idea but a small quiver of her lip and I was already pressing the damn button down just to get her to smile. She couldn't have been more happy with the photo and although the urge, I didn't tear it apart. Not for her...for me.

   No. Here I was falling back into her endless cycle. Not doing things because of her, excusing it and pretending it's because of me. I'll end up falling at her feet and that's a guarantee. I couldn't let that happen because we'll both end up in the same situation. If only I hadn't killed Annabelle or her God damn fucking parents, but you know what? I did! I took their fucking lives and watched as light drained from their eyes.

   "Where's the bitch?" Jack spat in anger. He, out of everyone, had been the most angry considering this girl had kneed him and ran. Where did she go? I had to find her, that bitch didn't know who or what she was messing with. We soon found her, curled up to her friend, begging her to run.

  I smirked, the guys behind me reciprocating my action.

  I adsorbed the fear her eyes held once she saw me. Without hesitation, I pointed my gun towards her friend and pulled the trigger. A rose of red opened on her chest and she fell limp in this girls arm.

  "Annabelle!" She shouted, sobbing loudly as she held her obviously dead friend in her arms. I pointed my gun to her heart but for some reason, she was different. I couldn't find the will to shoot her. She looked up into my eyes and I froze. I couldn't take her life, something was telling me not to so instead I blamed her.

  "This is your fault little girl!"

  With that we walked away, her sobs piercing through my body. I didn't even know the girl.


  I cringed at the memory. So Ella and I had met before. Nice to know how I caused her pain, even not knowing her.

   You know what? Why don't I just burn everything? Destroy everything that brings me pain? Yeah, I'll do that! I found a match from the drawer, lighting it as I set it to the counter which immediately rose in reddened flames. I laughed, walking from the house as everything began burning.

  If only I had remembered Ella was in there.




HOLY SHIT FUCK!!! What do you think will happen? Will Ella be okay? AYEE 2 CHAPTERS LEFT!!! I CRY, COME ON, WE CRY TOGETHER!!!! *sniffle* Guys this is going to be a sad ending but *BOOMSHIT* the trilogy should make you happy :) x



If you read this all comment what you think will happen to Ella. x

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